Monday, May 4, 2015

Kash & Kingsley | 6 Months Old

Happy half-Birthday to my sweet Boys!

Kash Jameson

Age: 6 months old

Length: 24 inches (4 month check up)

Weight: 15 lbs 1 oz

Milestones: Kash started crawling right away at 5 months and right before he turned 6 months he started holding onto the couch or tv stand and standing up. 

Sleep: Kash is so easy to put to sleep all I have to do is rock him alittle and pat his back and he's fast asleep and he sleeps for hours! Kash still doesn't sleep through the night but he does sleep for 4-6 hours which helps Mama out alot. 

Favorites: Bath time, Kash loves taking a bath. He loves to splash the water!  

Doesn't like: Getting his nose wiped! The boys have running noses and they hate for me to wipe it.  Kash also doesn't like being held. He's such a busy body and loves to crawl so he doesn't like when he's trying to crawl and someone picks him up. 

Kingsley Alexander

Age: 6 months old

Length: 24 inches (4 month check up)

Weight: 15 lbs 9 oz

Milestones: Kingsley is Now crawling!! Yayy!! And standing! While Kash was crawling at 5 months kingsley on the other hand would always cry when I put him down. He just wanted me to hold him ALL DAY! lol 

Sleep: Kingsley on the other hand is soooo hard to put to sleep. He's defintely a night owl like Mama. Kingsley stays up for hours. He rolls all over the bed and even sometimes rolls on Kash. He babbles and screams lol he loves to get loud when his brother is sleeping. After almost an hour of rocking, patting his back and signing he'll finally fall asleep. And Kingsley is the king of cat naps so he doesn't stay sleep long. Kingsley wakes up alot during the night.

Favorites: Kingsley loves to be held. He'll let me hold him all day and caress his cheek. Kingsley loves for me to rub the back of my hand against his cheek. 

Doesn't like: Kingsley also doesn't like getting his nose wiped! Lol they fight me so much when I try and wipe their noses. 

My boys are healthy, strong and getting so big! God is Good!

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