Sunday, September 28, 2014

33 weeks

Please excuse the heavy bags under my eyes I was so sleepy and tired!

How far along: 33 weeks and 6 days

How big are the babies? their the size of a Durian

Total weight gain: 35 pounds {pre-pregnancy weight 188} I'm Huge!!! 

Maternity Clothes? No, I'm so over maternity clothes! It's just easier for me to shop for a bigger size in the stores I already shop at. Before I was pregnant I wore a XL from Target and an XL from Forever 21. Now that I'm 8 months pregnant with Twins I wear a 2x from Target and a 3x from Forever 21. 

Maternity Fashion:  I'm wearing a black tee from Target and my skirt is also from Target.

Stretch marks? Yes, there vertical, horizontal, and now I'm even getting some on my sides. THERE EVERYWHERE!!!!! 

Sleep: My sleep has been really good now that I sleep on the couch. I've been sleeping on the couch for 2 weeks now and DJ still sleeps in the bedroom, but it's so sweet because every now and then he comes and sleeps on the other couch right next to me and he says, "it's to give me company". We'll lay there and talk about the boys and how excited we are until we fall asleep together. 

Best Moment this week: The best moment this week celebrating our 3 year wedding Anniversary! Also the second best moment this week was attending our first maternity class and orientation. It was so helpful and informative. Alot of the stuff they went over I already knew but it was so amazing for DJ to learn and experience it too. He was so excited! He now wants to attend their Daddy-to-be Boot camp class. Everyone there was so nice and helpful and loved the fact we were having twins boys and they especially love their names. They gave us 2 free swaddles which DJ and I were really excited about because we definitely plan on swaddling the boys. 
We've had many ups and downs but the past 3 years have been amazing and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us! 

Miss Anything? Being a Busy body!

Movement: I'm still experiencing alot of their kicks but also alot of squirmy! I think my sweet boys are running out of run in there. 

Food cravings: A&W Cream Soda, McDonald's chicken nuggets, fruit, salad and donuts. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: No!

Gender: Two Squirmy little Boys! 

Labor Signs: No! Thank God!!!

Symptoms: Extremely Itchy Belly. My belly keeps growing and my skin keeps stretching and it's itching so bad. I rubbed and itched so much that I think I made it raw, it became so sore. Vitamin E oil, Coconut oil, and lotions were no longer working anymore so I took to google and it said when moisturizers and oils are no longer working try calamine lotion. Yes, the stuff you use for chicken pox. O-M-G!!! THANK YOU GOD FOR CALAMINE LOTION!!!! It worked instantly! My belly stopped itching as soon as I rubbed it on and it also gave an cooling effect and felt so good. So now for the past week I've been rubbing calamine lotion on my stomach faithfully! :0)

Have you started to show yet? Not even a question to be asking anymore! I'm Huge! But my family and I noticed my stomach is no longer round like it use to be this week it started poking out. You can definitely tell my baby boys are getting big. 

Belly button in or out? Innie/Outtie 

Wedding ring on or off? Off

Mood most of the time: I'm extremely sleepy but so happy and blessed!!!

Looking forward to: I'm so looking forward to our Maternity photo shoot in 2 weeks! I went shopping this week to try and find an outfit for our photo shoot and it was horrible! Lol I tried on so many outfits and 2 hours later still no luck. Everything I liked didn't fit and the stuff I didn't like fit. I didn't find anything! So I snapped a couple of pictures so my Mom and sister could help me decided. Since our Boys will be here in the Fall we wanted to do a Fall look for our photos so I was going for browns and creams. I was alittle bummed I didn't get anything so my sweet hubby got me some Chipotle to cheer me up and it sure did! :0)

Yum :0)

Baby names? Kingsley and Kash 

Thoughts: This week DJ and I have started out nesting. Were trying to not only get ready for the boys but were trying to get use to the fact were about to have two little babies in our lives. Were so excited! DJ tried to put together the crib! Lol Um yeah... Two hours later there was still no crib up. We got a good laugh out of it and laughed so hard. I give him credit he's a first time Dad and really wanted to build the boys crib but yeah we need outside help. Sorry baby! So my Aunt and cousin are coming over to put the crib together. I started cleaning and organizing everything. I first started in the living room. We rearranged the entire living and our bedroom and I cleaned out our bedroom closet. I have all the boys clothes now hung up, all there diapers and wipes in the top of the closet and I even have their car seats and diaper bag ready to go. We have so much stuff left to do but where getting it all done little by little. We have 6 more weeks before the boys are here so I have faith everything will be done by the time they arrive. All this nesting this week has worn me completely out! Lol Sunday after church I was so sleep I could barley keep my eyes open to take my pregnancy chalkboard photo. So as DJ snapped the picture I put on my pajamas and went to sleep. I can tell it was much needed because I slept for 4 hours. Yes, Me! I haven't napped like that in forever it felt so good. I got to take a 4 hour nap and then of course I woke up hungry! Lol ;0)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Our Baby Shower!

I put alot of LOVE and CREATIVITY into our Baby Shower because this day meant so much to DJ and I. Alot of people may not know because we tried to keep our struggles private but we struggled for three years to concevice and have a baby. I took countless pregnancy test and with each negative sign month after month and year after year it became so painful. In 2013, we decided to put trying to have a baby on hold. But on New Years Eve we decided to give it to God. For three years we tried it our way now let's give it to Him. He will give us the desires of our heart and we desired a child. Our Pastor declared that "2014 is the year of Manifestation in every areas of our lives". DJ and I came home after our New Years service at church and we began to pray together and declared that we will have manifestation in every area of our lives, our finances, our faith, and our marriage. We asked God to grant DJ a new job and we asked God for a child. Everyday in January and February we prayed a Kenneth Copeland prayer for a desire to have a child and DJ laid his hands on my stomach everyday before he did anything, before he ate, before he left the house, absolutely before he did anything he would lay his hands on my stomach and say, "Thank you God for our perfect child". My Husband and I truly believe you have what you say and you have to speak it into existence. God truly answered our prayers and in March I found out I was pregnant. We were jumping, screaming, crying, and praising God! It was the most amazing feeling to see a positive sign and to know God has blessed us with a baby! For three months we were just so happy to know we would soon have a baby girl or a baby boy then on May 13, 2014 we found out even more news. We found out that God not only blessed us with 1 baby but He blessed us with 2! We found out that we were having Twins. Just remembering this day brings tears to my eyes to know that we tired so hard for 1 child and when we decided to put all of our faith in the Lord He blessed us with 2. Wow! Just look how marvelous He works!

Okay, let me grab a kleenex and get back to the reason why I'm writing this post in the first place. I wanted to share a couple pictures with you from our baby shower. Our baby shower was a dream come true! It was filled with alot of Love, Laughter, and Joy. If you want to know how and why I've chosen our theme then click here.

My Aunt is a photographer and took tons of pictures so I will share more pictures later and give full details of our shower!

Monday, September 22, 2014

32 weeks

We had our baby shower Saturday and it was a Dream come true! Kingsley and Kash were showered with so much Love! 

How far along: 32 weeks

How big are the babies? their the size of a Honeydew

Total weight gain: 31 pounds {pre-pregnancy weight 188} 

Maternity Clothes? No 

Maternity Fashion: I'm wearing a black dress from my Mom. 

Stretch marks? Yes, Tons!

Sleep: My sleep was horrible. It so uncomfortable and hurts to lay on my left side, right side, and my back. I'm experiencing so much abdominal pain and pelvis pain. Sunday and Monday night were horrible I bounced from the bedroom to the living room then Tuesday night DJ helped me out so much he placed pillows in a chair and I slept on the couch sitting up and he propped up my legs and feet in the chair. So all week I've been sleeping on the couch and I slept AH-MAZINGLY!!!! I literally have to sleep sitting up now to get a good night sleep.

Best Moment this week: Well the best moment this week was actually took place on Saturday. We had our baby shower and celebrated Kingsley and Kash. The second best moment this week was see all the over pouring love our family and friends did for Kingsley and Kash by giving us clothes, diapers, wipes, books, cribs, car seats, cards, and so much more. We feel so Blessed to have so many people that care for and love Kingsley and Kash as much as we do. 
We are so Thankful and Grateful! 

Miss Anything? Being able to sleep laying down again and on my stomach and side.

Movement: Yes, Lots of movement from both Kingsley and Kash. 

Food cravings: A&W Cream Soda, Turkey sandwiches, Greens and cornbread, and Sweets. Even though I've been craving sweets like crazy I definitely have been trying to stay away from them. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing

Gender: Two Busy little Boys!

Labor Signs: Yes! I was in alittle pain and experiencing some tightness in my stomach for 3 days after my baby shower from Sunday to Tuesday then I found out on Thursday at my weekly NST appointment that what I was experiencing was mild contractions. I had no clue! They informed me that I should have went to the hospital and if it happens again for more than 30-35 mins I need to go to the hospital. 

Symptoms: Lots of abdominal pain and tightness in my stomach

Have you started to show yet? This is not a question to even be asking anymore! I'm HUGE!

Belly button in or out? I've always had an Innie my entire life but now it looks like my innie is trying to poke out and it looks funny like an inne and an outtie. 

Wedding ring on or off? Off! I have little chubs now!

Mood most of the time: Exstatic!!!  

Looking forward to: Nesting, Finish putting away all the boys stuff, doing more shopping for the boys. I can't wait until DJ puts up the boys crib and were attending our 1st Maternity class Monday Night.

Baby names? Kingsley and Kash 

Thoughts: This has been an amazing week and at the same time a tiring week. I was experincing alittle pain this week but I continue to have a smile on my face. I feel so blessed and happy that so many people have been showering the boys with so much love. It just melts my heart. At our baby shower we were blessed with so many amazing things for the boys. You name it, cards, books, a bath tub, car seats, clothes, shoes, blankets, and so much more. You name it the boys were blessed with it! DJ and I feel so blessed and love that so many people love the boys just as much as we do. Even after the baby shower we continue to get blessed with more gifts. Our neighbors gave us a brand new bassinet and swing, we got a box of 204 diapers brought to our house, we attended a wedding Saturday and the boys got 2 more gifts from my friends and my cousin from Virginia just called and said she sending the boys some stuff as well. WOW! Just look at how God works! Were are sooooo grateful to have so many amazing and generous people in our life! It means so much to us!

Friday, September 12, 2014

31 weeks

How far along: 31 weeks and 3 days

How big are the babies? their the size of a Cabbage 

Total weight gain: 31 pounds {pre-pregnancy weight 188} I went to the doctors and they said I weigh 214 so that means I only gained 1 pound! How is that possible?? I gained only 1 pound in a month?! That didn't sound right so I used my sister's scale to weigh myself and it said I was 219 so that means I gained 3 pounds.

Maternity Clothes? No

Maternity Fashion:  I'm wearing a dress I brought from Target. I love this dress and the original price was $24.99 and I only paid $6.16!!! Whooo Hooo!!!! :0)

Stretch marks? Yes

Sleep: My sleep is horrible and uncomfortable! 

Best Moment this week: The best moment this week was celebrating my birthday on Monday. My family surprised me with a party. I was so shocked and truly grateful! My surprise party was so fun and had all my favorites! My Mom made a huge Chili bar and made Rootbeer floats! Mmmm... I love Rootbeer floats! :0) And the second best moment this week is my Mom surprise me and DJ with a crib! I got so many great surprises this week! My sweet Mama brought the boys a crib! We are so excited and can't wait to put it up! 

Miss Anything? Sleep, Sleep, and More Sleep!!!

Movement: Yes lots and lots of movement! Both Boys are moving like crazy!

Food cravings: Soda, Greens and cornbread, and Winco Salads! I love winco's salads there so good! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing

Gender: Two very busy and Active little Boys! 

Labor Signs: Yes, I experienced my first Braxton-Hicks last week. OMG! It was so painful and what was ironic I experienced it at my Dr office. I had got alittle scared because I thought I was having contractions and going into labor. False alarm! 

Symptoms: pregnancy acne and Indigestion 

Have you started to show yet? My family says my belly is getting bigger and bigger every time that they see me! 

Belly button in or out? Innie

Wedding ring on or off? Off

Mood most of the time: Happy and Excited!

Looking forward to: Our Baby shower this Saturday! Here's a little sneak peak of our baby shower prepping and planning and what I've been working on! 

Baby names:  Kingsley and Kash 

Thoughts: I've been feeling Amazing this week. Monday was my birthday and DJ and I went to run a couple of baby shower errands and when I came back home my family surprised me with a surprise birthday party! They really surprised me I had no idea! There the absolutely the Best!!! On Wednesday , My Mom told me and DJ to come outside and she surprised us with a Crib. I almost burst into tears I was so happy. I'm so thankful to have her as Kingsley and Kash Grandma. These two little boys are going to be well taken care of. Thursday, I had my weekly NST appointment and of course the boys were moving like crazy and made it hard for them to monitor there heartbeats. My NST appointments usually take 20-30 minutes but this time it took 1 hour and 40 minutes. The Boys wouldn't even be still long enough for them to get there measurements. Even though the boys were misbehaving lol I still mange to get an adorable picture of Kash's face. He was being so sweet and posing for Mama. I think he has DJ's nose it's so cute! And tomorrow is our baby shower and we are sooo excited and can't wait!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

30 weeks

Happy Labor Day!

How far along: 30 weeks

How big are the babies? their the size of a Cucumber 

Total weight gain: 28 pounds {pre-pregnancy weight 188} 

Maternity Clothes? No

Maternity Fashion:  I'm wearing a dress my Mom gave me.

Stretch marks? Yes

Sleep: My sleep has been horrible these last 4 nights I keep waking up every hour and I'm covered in sweat. Like clockwork the boys wake me up every night at 1am. Last night was 1:04am and the night before was 1:07am. There my nightly alarm clock! 

Best Moment this week: The best moment this week was seeing our boys even though they move so much we can never get a good ultrasound picture.

Miss Anything? Clear skin and Sleep!

Movement: Before Kingsley was only moving alot but now both Boys are moving so much!

Food cravings: Soda! Omg I was doing so good the first 7 months of my pregnancy. I wasn't drinking soda at all or sweet teas. I was only drinking water, crystal light, and Ginger ale every now and then but for the past week I've been craving and drinking soda like crazy. This week along I've had 3 Cokes, 2 Cream Sodas, and a Sweet Tea from McDonald's. I'm such a bad girl! I need to get back on track!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing

Gender: Two Active Boys! 

Labor Signs: No

Symptoms: pregnancy acne and Indigestion 

Have you started to show yet? Definitely! I'm getting bigger by the minute. 

Belly button in or out? Innie

Wedding ring on or off? Off

Mood most of the time: Super happy!!!

Looking forward to: Our Baby shower next weekend! We can't wait to celebrate Kingsley and Kash!

Baby names? Kingsley and Kash 

Thoughts: This was a pretty easy week for me and the boys! I'm extremely tired and they are still very active but I still manage to get alot of my baby shower stuff done. I only have one more week and then our baby shower is next week. I'm just trying to get everything done and my house ready for my cousin. My favorite cousin is coming all the way from Louisiana for my baby shower and I'm so excited! It's her first time in California and she is so excited too! Her stay is not very long only 3 days but I'm so thankful shes coming to help us celebrate the boys.  My weekly NST appointment went great as always the boys are super active and very busy so we never get good ultrasound pictures of them and they give the nurses hell trying to find there heartbeats because they move so much but both boys are doing so good and growing so much! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

29 weeks

How far along: 29 weeks

How big are the babies? their the size of a Squash

Total weight gain: 28 pounds {pre-pregnancy weight 188} 

Maternity Clothes? No 

Maternity Fashion: I'm wearing a black dress from Kohl's

Stretch marks? Yes

Sleep: My sleep is so so! It takes a while for me to get comfortable but when I do finally go to sleep it's amazing and I sleep for hours! :0)

Best Moment this week: The best moment this week was seeing the boys again for my weekly NST appointment.

Miss Anything? Clear skin  

Movement: Yes! Kingsley moves ALOT but Kash on the other hand is real mellow and hardly moves. 

Food cravings: Sweets and Soda! The last 2 things I need to be eating or thinking about! Lol

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing

Gender: Two very active Boys!

Labor Signs: No

Symptoms: Pregnancy acne. It seem like it got worse this week.

Have you started to show yet? This is not a question to even be asking anymore! I'm HUGE!

Belly button in or out? Innie

Wedding ring on or off? Off! Along with my growing belly my fingers are now little chubs!

Mood most of the time: Happy!!! 

Looking forward to: Our baby shower! In 2 weeks we will be having our baby shower and were so excited! 

Baby names? Kingsley and Kash 

Thoughts: This has been a very long and tiring week! I had 3 dr. appointments this week. Yes, you heard me right I had 3 dr. appointments this week. I'm so exhausted but all in all it was a great week. On Monday, I had my Glucose Screening Test. And that went horribly! I hadn't eaten for 13 hours, I was there for 3 longgg hours and instead of giving me 3 shots like they were suppose to they ended up giving me 8 SHOTS!!! I wanted to cry I hate needles! The guy drawing my blood couldn't draw my blood he said my veins were too deep and he kept poking me. It was uncomfortable, so then they switched me to another lady and she was awesome. She found my veins right away and was able to finally draw my blood. And don't get me started on that dreadful orange drank. Ewwww it taste like flat orange fanta soda. Okay, now to Wednesday. On Wednesday, DJ and I had to drive to San Bernardino which is an hour from our house to check on the boys hearts. I had a fecal heart monitoring appointment. The appointment went really good. Kingsley was of course moving all over the place Lol. Then Thursday, I had my weekly NST appointment and both boys finally move their positions. For my whole entire pregnancy Kingsley has been on my right side. Neither of the boys have been on my left, but now Kingsley has moved to my left side and he has position himself and he is upside down. For 7 months straight my sweet baby Kash has been at the bottom of my stomach. He has been so low but on Thursday he has now moved to my right side. I'm so happy the boys have finally moved their positions. After all my dr appointments this week and tons of baby shower shopping all I wanted to do was sleep in Saturday morning and I sure did! 

Omg! Becky look at her Belly! Lol