Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Valentine's Party Sneak Peak!

For the past month I have been working hard on my Valentines Party! And I've been keeping the theme a top secret. Earlier this week I revealed my theme. 
Finally revealing my Valentines party theme: 

Kim Casali "Love is..." 

This sweet little couple was the inspiration! 

Even though I don't have my tutu table skirt finish yet I'm still loving the way it looking so far. 

I'm so giddy and excited over the details of this Valentine's Day party!

Here's a little sneak peak of my dessert table so far!

I can't wait to share this very LOVE-ly set up!

Visiting Birdie!

Since last Thursday my baby cousin, Bird has been in the hospital. On Friday morning she had her surgery to remove a very large tumor from her stomach. This is birdies second stay in the hospital since November and she was feel pretty miserable. She's so ready to come home. She can't come home just yet but we wanted to cheer her up! Her favorite food is Green Enchiladas and she loves when Auntie makes them. So the plan was to surprise Bird with Green Enchiladas for lunch. 

Me and Birdie!

We roll deep! ;-)

For months we've been trying to hold it together and most of the time were full of tears so it was so happy to hear nothing but laughter and to see smiling faces on Sunday!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Grammy 2014 Favorites!

If you missed the Grammys Sunday night then you missed an eventful night!

I watch the Grammys every year but this was the best in music.

DJ and I are huge lover of music and we love all genres of music, so the Grammys for my household is a big nigh!

Why haven't I ever had a Grammy party?!?

But anywhos! Here are the big moments that I loved!

Best Dressed Females
The Queen! Who always looks amazing!

She's Glowing and looks so Beautiful!

Kelly O.

Alicia Keys

Best Dressed Males
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Best Dressed Couple
Wiz and Amber

My Favorite performances!

Pharrell, Stevie Wonder, Draft Punk, and Nile Rogers

Kendrick Lamar & Imagine Dragons killed it and were amazing! 
One of my favorite performance!

Pink & Nate Russe

Carole King & Sara Bareilles

Even though these were my favorite performance I was most touched by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Madonna, and Queen Latifah performance. As Macklemore and Mary Lambert sung "Same Love" {one of my favorite songs} and Madonna sung "Open your Heart" while 30 couples got married at the Grammy's. There was probably not a dry eye in the audience because I know at my house there wasn't a dry eye. I balled like a baby! It was Beautiful!

And last but not least I finally heard Beyonce and Jay-Z's song "Drunk in Love" that everyone has been buzzing about! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

This week in photos!

As you know Monday was Martin Luther kings Day and my sissy's birthday! We had a dinner party to celebrate her birthday at our favorite spot, Shoguns!

I've been helping my Mom decorate her room. She found this really great mirror and a lovely wall decal so I helped her place both of them on the wall, then I found some white flowers in the gift bag and cards section at Walmart and placed them around the mirror frame. I told her she should add black and white photos on the sides of the mirror.

I made something so yummy and scrumptious... Oven Baked Frito Pie! One of DJ's favorite dish is Frito pies and he requested it for dinner but I didn't want to make it the same O'boring way! All over Pinterest everybody was pinning this Oven Baked Frito Pie saying how amazing it was, so I had to find out for myself. And yes it was AMAZING! 

DJ and I went to Hobby Lobby! I love that I have a supportive Hubby and he's willing to go to Hobby Lobby with me whenever I ask him too.

On Friday, I had Jamba Juice with Mom, Auntie, and my Sissy! 
This was a refreshing break from water!

I haven't worn makeup in 2 weeks so it felt great to put on some makeup and take a selfie!

Sunday we all went to the hospital to have lunch with birdie! She was so happy we were there!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sissy's 25th Birthday Dinner!

Monday night we celebrated my sissy's 25th birthday! We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Shoguns, it's one our absolute favorite place to eat. It was the kids first time their and they absolutely loved it! We all had a really great time! The kids enjoyed eating with chopsticks and the entertainment was their favorite part!

The Birthday girl and Papas

Princess and Papas asked can we come everyday! lol

Happy Birthday Sissy!