Thursday, September 25, 2014

Our Baby Shower!

I put alot of LOVE and CREATIVITY into our Baby Shower because this day meant so much to DJ and I. Alot of people may not know because we tried to keep our struggles private but we struggled for three years to concevice and have a baby. I took countless pregnancy test and with each negative sign month after month and year after year it became so painful. In 2013, we decided to put trying to have a baby on hold. But on New Years Eve we decided to give it to God. For three years we tried it our way now let's give it to Him. He will give us the desires of our heart and we desired a child. Our Pastor declared that "2014 is the year of Manifestation in every areas of our lives". DJ and I came home after our New Years service at church and we began to pray together and declared that we will have manifestation in every area of our lives, our finances, our faith, and our marriage. We asked God to grant DJ a new job and we asked God for a child. Everyday in January and February we prayed a Kenneth Copeland prayer for a desire to have a child and DJ laid his hands on my stomach everyday before he did anything, before he ate, before he left the house, absolutely before he did anything he would lay his hands on my stomach and say, "Thank you God for our perfect child". My Husband and I truly believe you have what you say and you have to speak it into existence. God truly answered our prayers and in March I found out I was pregnant. We were jumping, screaming, crying, and praising God! It was the most amazing feeling to see a positive sign and to know God has blessed us with a baby! For three months we were just so happy to know we would soon have a baby girl or a baby boy then on May 13, 2014 we found out even more news. We found out that God not only blessed us with 1 baby but He blessed us with 2! We found out that we were having Twins. Just remembering this day brings tears to my eyes to know that we tired so hard for 1 child and when we decided to put all of our faith in the Lord He blessed us with 2. Wow! Just look how marvelous He works!

Okay, let me grab a kleenex and get back to the reason why I'm writing this post in the first place. I wanted to share a couple pictures with you from our baby shower. Our baby shower was a dream come true! It was filled with alot of Love, Laughter, and Joy. If you want to know how and why I've chosen our theme then click here.

My Aunt is a photographer and took tons of pictures so I will share more pictures later and give full details of our shower!

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