Sunday, September 28, 2014

33 weeks

Please excuse the heavy bags under my eyes I was so sleepy and tired!

How far along: 33 weeks and 6 days

How big are the babies? their the size of a Durian

Total weight gain: 35 pounds {pre-pregnancy weight 188} I'm Huge!!! 

Maternity Clothes? No, I'm so over maternity clothes! It's just easier for me to shop for a bigger size in the stores I already shop at. Before I was pregnant I wore a XL from Target and an XL from Forever 21. Now that I'm 8 months pregnant with Twins I wear a 2x from Target and a 3x from Forever 21. 

Maternity Fashion:  I'm wearing a black tee from Target and my skirt is also from Target.

Stretch marks? Yes, there vertical, horizontal, and now I'm even getting some on my sides. THERE EVERYWHERE!!!!! 

Sleep: My sleep has been really good now that I sleep on the couch. I've been sleeping on the couch for 2 weeks now and DJ still sleeps in the bedroom, but it's so sweet because every now and then he comes and sleeps on the other couch right next to me and he says, "it's to give me company". We'll lay there and talk about the boys and how excited we are until we fall asleep together. 

Best Moment this week: The best moment this week celebrating our 3 year wedding Anniversary! Also the second best moment this week was attending our first maternity class and orientation. It was so helpful and informative. Alot of the stuff they went over I already knew but it was so amazing for DJ to learn and experience it too. He was so excited! He now wants to attend their Daddy-to-be Boot camp class. Everyone there was so nice and helpful and loved the fact we were having twins boys and they especially love their names. They gave us 2 free swaddles which DJ and I were really excited about because we definitely plan on swaddling the boys. 
We've had many ups and downs but the past 3 years have been amazing and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us! 

Miss Anything? Being a Busy body!

Movement: I'm still experiencing alot of their kicks but also alot of squirmy! I think my sweet boys are running out of run in there. 

Food cravings: A&W Cream Soda, McDonald's chicken nuggets, fruit, salad and donuts. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: No!

Gender: Two Squirmy little Boys! 

Labor Signs: No! Thank God!!!

Symptoms: Extremely Itchy Belly. My belly keeps growing and my skin keeps stretching and it's itching so bad. I rubbed and itched so much that I think I made it raw, it became so sore. Vitamin E oil, Coconut oil, and lotions were no longer working anymore so I took to google and it said when moisturizers and oils are no longer working try calamine lotion. Yes, the stuff you use for chicken pox. O-M-G!!! THANK YOU GOD FOR CALAMINE LOTION!!!! It worked instantly! My belly stopped itching as soon as I rubbed it on and it also gave an cooling effect and felt so good. So now for the past week I've been rubbing calamine lotion on my stomach faithfully! :0)

Have you started to show yet? Not even a question to be asking anymore! I'm Huge! But my family and I noticed my stomach is no longer round like it use to be this week it started poking out. You can definitely tell my baby boys are getting big. 

Belly button in or out? Innie/Outtie 

Wedding ring on or off? Off

Mood most of the time: I'm extremely sleepy but so happy and blessed!!!

Looking forward to: I'm so looking forward to our Maternity photo shoot in 2 weeks! I went shopping this week to try and find an outfit for our photo shoot and it was horrible! Lol I tried on so many outfits and 2 hours later still no luck. Everything I liked didn't fit and the stuff I didn't like fit. I didn't find anything! So I snapped a couple of pictures so my Mom and sister could help me decided. Since our Boys will be here in the Fall we wanted to do a Fall look for our photos so I was going for browns and creams. I was alittle bummed I didn't get anything so my sweet hubby got me some Chipotle to cheer me up and it sure did! :0)

Yum :0)

Baby names? Kingsley and Kash 

Thoughts: This week DJ and I have started out nesting. Were trying to not only get ready for the boys but were trying to get use to the fact were about to have two little babies in our lives. Were so excited! DJ tried to put together the crib! Lol Um yeah... Two hours later there was still no crib up. We got a good laugh out of it and laughed so hard. I give him credit he's a first time Dad and really wanted to build the boys crib but yeah we need outside help. Sorry baby! So my Aunt and cousin are coming over to put the crib together. I started cleaning and organizing everything. I first started in the living room. We rearranged the entire living and our bedroom and I cleaned out our bedroom closet. I have all the boys clothes now hung up, all there diapers and wipes in the top of the closet and I even have their car seats and diaper bag ready to go. We have so much stuff left to do but where getting it all done little by little. We have 6 more weeks before the boys are here so I have faith everything will be done by the time they arrive. All this nesting this week has worn me completely out! Lol Sunday after church I was so sleep I could barley keep my eyes open to take my pregnancy chalkboard photo. So as DJ snapped the picture I put on my pajamas and went to sleep. I can tell it was much needed because I slept for 4 hours. Yes, Me! I haven't napped like that in forever it felt so good. I got to take a 4 hour nap and then of course I woke up hungry! Lol ;0)

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