Monday, August 25, 2014

Second Trimester in Review + 28 weeks

I'm sooo happy I made it through my 2nd trimester and I am now finally in my 3rd trimester and it feels so good that it's finally here! Besides the pregnancy acne, my swollen feet, my nose spreading, and the massive amount of stretch marks I can say this has been a wonderful pregnancy. So, here is my 2nd trimester in review!

At 14 weeks we found out were having Twins!

At 16 weeks I started seeing a Specialist so I got to see the boys every two weeks but also at 16 weeks we had a little scare with one of our boys. They said my test results came back and that one of my babies might have Down Syndrome. We talked it over with my family and we all prayed over the boys. My pastor even prayed over our boys! We did a few follow up test and found out everything was perfect with our little boy and we have two healthy growing babies. This was truly a test of Faith and We Thank God!

18 weeks I finally got a Twin bump and I started to show.

At 19 weeks we were so happy to find out the gender of our Twins!

At 22 weeks they started to move alittle!

23 weeks DJ finally felt the Boys Kick!

But at 24 weeks they started moving like crazy especially at night! :0)

25 and 26 weeks I started to feel physically uncomfortable and it became difficult to sleep good at night.

At 27 weeks the boys both weight 2 pounds!

Here are the pictures from my 2nd Trimester...

16 weeks on a Date Night with the Hubby! 
He took me to see my favorite X-Men :0)

18 weeks when I finally started looking pregnant

20 weeks

22 weeks

24 weeks

25 weeks Trying on Maternity Clothes

26 weeks

And here is me now at 28 weeks!

28 weeks Me and DJ on his Birthday this past Friday

And lastly I wanted to share a cute and sweet pictures of our boys!

Kingsley legs and feet are in Kash's face! I love seeing them every Thursday! It's the highlight of my week!
My Sweet precious Boys!

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