Wednesday, July 9, 2014

There Names...

We've have been getting asked how did we decide on the boys names. When DJ and I sat down to decide on names for the boys we wanted their names to be Awesome, Strong, Masculine, have a family meaning and of course Cool! We plan on raising some Brave, Awesome and Cool little boys and we wanted their names to reflect that! We have talked about names for our future babies for years now. Girls names always were easier for us; there was tons we always liked. But Boy names on the other hand didn't come so easily until it just clicked for us and we finally GOT them!

We wanted a name that had meaning to us and represented what we wanted for our boys.

Something we both 100% loved and not names that we just agreed on!

Something Strong!

A Family meaning!

Something that Stood out!

Kingsley Alexander Evans 

From the first day I meant DJ he always said he wanted his child's name to be Alexander, so I knew whenever we had children the name Alexander was going to definitely be incorporated somewhere. Alexander means to defends and help, we definitely want our little boy to be a defender and helper. My family is big on helping people and were huge givers so Alexander definitely has a family meaning. We both loved the names Kingston and Kingsley, because they were strong and powerful but so many people have the name Kingston so we decided on Kingsley. 

Kash Jameson Evans

When I first told DJ I wanted to name our son Kash he wasn't to sold on the idea but then he started saying both boys names together and absolutely loved it! He then fell in love with baby Kash name. Growing up I had two older twin cousins and their names were Cash and Cardell. I looked up to them like big brothers. I have always been in love with the name Cash! I also knew I wanted to use My Great Grandpa name. He was my everything and his name was James Charles Thomas and I always said when I had a little boys I wanted to name one of them after my Papa. I love and miss my Papa so much. He was the sweetest man on the face of the earth and I just hope and pray Kash gets his same spirit. There is already 3 people name James in our family so instead of James we decided on Jameson. 

We love them so much already! Our Baby Kingsley and Baby Kash. Our sweet little King and Kash!

We've been using there names for weeks now! When we talk to Kingsley and Kash we love using their names. We never say twins or babies. It's always "I'm so ready for Kingsley and Kash to be here." or "We really need to get started on Kingsley and Kash nursery."

So there you have it! Why we named our sweet little precious boys, Kingsley and Kash!

We always wanted two little boys and God has blessed us with two boys at the same time! And we are so ready for them to get here, our sons!

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