Thursday, May 29, 2014

Southern Style Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Even though we are no longer having a Gender Reveal party this July to reveal Baby Evans gender since were now having Twins but I still wanted to share my Gender Reveal Ideas. If your thinking of having a Gender Reveal party for yourself, for a friend, or family member here are some adorable and inexpensive gender reveal ideas that I hope will help!

My Theme: Southern Gentleman and Southern Belle
Inspirations: The South, Southern Charm, Lace, Dollies, and Burlap
Colors: Lavender, Gray, and White

Here's an Inspiration board I made for our Gender Reveal party.

Theme & Color Scheme 
I wanted to steer away from the normal Blue and Pink Gender Reveal parties. Let's be honest I'm not a fan of pink or blue, so I went with my favorite colors, Gray and Lavender. I used Gray to represent a Boy and Lavender to represent a Girl. It's not a party without a theme, right? Not only did I want my gender reveal colors to be different but I wanted my theme to be different too. Everyone does something like 'Bows or Bowties' or even 'Ties or Tutus' but I decided to go with a 'Southern Gentleman or Southern Belle' theme. DJ and I are both from the South so I thought the theme would represent our gender reveal party perfectly. So I wanted to design the food and decor around a Paperboy hat to represent a Boy aka the Southern Gentleman and a Southern belle hat to represent a Girl aka the Belle.
{Here is the actual paperboy hat and southern belle hat I brought from Target. The gray paperboy hat was in the baby section for $8.99 and the Sun hat was in the Target dollar section for $1.00. I brought Lavender ribbon and florals from Michael's and the plan was to decorate the hat to resemble a Southern Belle hat. I was going to hang theme on a baby shower clothesline with onesies and baby bibs.}

First thing first the invitations I wanted to keep it simple and stay within my color scheme of Gray and Lavender. I also wanted mason jars somewhere and Onesies on the Invitations to represented a Boy and a Girl.

For the decor, I wanted everything really soft, sweet, and simple. I didn't want a lot of decor mostly just tissue paper pom-poms and Dollie Garlands throughout the room. I also wanted a burlap banner saying, Baby Evans. I found the most cutest burlap baby banner on Etsy. I wanted to incorporate some Lace so I brought Lace table clothes from Walamrt.


For the centerpieces, I wanted to use Dollie wrapped Mason Jars and use southern white flowers like Magnolias and Camellias. 

Photo Booth
I was planning on creating a tissue pom-pom backdrop to use as a photo booth so that guest could take pictures in front of it. I wanted cute little Southern photo props like Southern belle hats, Paperboy Hats, and sayings like, "I do Declare". I also wanted signs saying, "A Boy? or A Girl?" I thought this would be so fun for our guests.

Wear your Guess
On the invitations each guest were going to be asked to wear there guess! If you felt Baby Evans is a Boy wear Gray but if you think Baby Evans is a Girl wear Lavender. And for the guest that didn't come dress in there guess I found these adorable Bow and Bow tie pins, but of course I wanted them in Gray and Lavender. Since our names were already picked out so you were either going to be Team Kingsley or Team Khloe. 

And of course you can't have a gender reveal party without the He or She Hershey Bars!

Food & Drinks
For the food and drinks I wanted to keep it Southern. Since the gender reveal party was going to be held in July, it was going to be hot! We wanted to serve BBQ. For appetizers, we were going to serve Deviled Eggs. For Lunch, we planned on having BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, BBQ Chicken, Ribs, Hamburgers, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Macaroni n Cheese, and Rolls. For something sweet we can't have a BBQ without Ice cream and Watermelon. For Drinks, I had planned to serve all our drinks out of Mason Jars. I wanted a Sweet Tea Bar and a Lemonade Bar where guest could add in syrups and fruits to their sweet tea or Lemonade. 

Revealing of the Gender:
There are tons of ways to announce the big reveal! There's the Balloon Release, The Silly String Fight, and last but not least The Cutting of the Cake. I wanted to keep it simple and just cut into a cake. If it was Gray inside were having a boy but if Lavender inside it's a Girl. I wanted the top of my cake to be like the picture below of the Little Man cake but in Gray and white. I just want the cardigan, the bow tie, and the paperboy hat everything except for the shoes and pacifier. And for the bottom of the cake I wanted a beautiful Lavender Rosettes Cake and some pearls hanging.

For the favors, I wanted to keep my Southern theme going throughout the whole gender reveal so I wanted to hand out Pies to every guests at the end of our party.

I don't know if the future holds more children for DJ and I but if I ever do get pregnant again I definitely want to have a Gender Reveal Party!

*for image source and photo credits click on each photo individually 

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