Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our Original Baby Names!

Today I'm going to share with you our original baby names we had picked out before we found out that were having Twins. DJ and I have had our names for over a year now we were just waiting for that day to come! 

When we first sat down we both had like 20 different names and then we ended up narrowing our list down to 8 girl names and 8 boy names.


We always said if we had a girl we would name her Khloe Chanel. 


We literally have change our boy name 3 times. First, we had Logan Alexander, then second we had Nicholas Alexander, and now our official and finally name that we've had for a month now is Kingsley Alexander. 

Were praying for a boy and a girl so that we can keep our names the same! We love the names we have picked out!

I absolutely LOVE Kingsley and Khloe together! There perfect for twins!

But if we end up having two boys or two girls we have to go back to the drawing board.

Twin Boys: Kash and Kingsley or Kaiden and Kingsley

DJ and I both love Kash, but my family isn't to sold on the name just yet and DJ like Kaiden but I don't like the name Kaiden. It seems like everyone and there Mama does the "aiden" thing... Kaiden, Jaiden, Aiden... the list goes on and on! 

Twin Girls: Khloe and Kennedy or Khloe and Kendall

I love the name Kennedy I think it's so cute, but DJ doesn't like it and thinks it's a boy name and I'm not to sold on Kendall. DJ loves Kendall but I don't to much like it. So our Twin girls names are still in discussion!

Since were not too much agreeing on the "K" names for the girls I even thought we could maybe go with Brooklynn and Bailey. They were both our top picks for girl names! Who knows???

Well see what we decide after we find out the sex!

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