Thursday, May 15, 2014

Omg! Exciting news! Were having TWINS!!

Okay as you all know for weeks I've been talking about how DJ and I finally get to see Baby Evans. We were so happy and literally counting down the hours and minutes from Sunday to Tuesday Morning. My Dr. appointment wasn't until 3:00 PM on Tuesday, May 13 but DJ and I were up at 6:54 AM. We were so anxious and excited to finally see our Miracle baby. We even got to the Dr's office early  we arrived at 2:00 PM on the dot! Lol

At 18 weeks we knew we could find out the gender of Baby Evans but we didn't want to know we wanted to be surprised. It's our first baby and we wanted to be surprised because we just wanted a healthy baby! AND BOY WERE WE SURPRISED! {I'll get to that in a little bit} On July 26, we had planned to have a big gender reveal party with all of our friends and family to reveal Baby Evans gender.

So, were waiting in the waiting area and they finally call my name! Eeeks! The Doctor and nurse are so friendly I absolutely love going there. So, DJ and I are were just making small talk with them and we told them we didn't want to know the sex of the baby and explained our gender reveal party to them. They were so excited about the gender reveal party and loved the idea. So DJ handed the nurse our envelope and I laid down so we can see our baby! :0)

Doctor: Uh oh!
Nurse: Uh oh! What?
Doctor: Do you think they notice?
Nurse: No, I don't think they noticed.

{DJ and I looked at each other with a worried look on our face}

Doctor: I'm going to have to tell them.
Nurse: yeah, you are going to have to tell them.

I thought the Dr. thought we had saw the sex of the baby, so I said; "Oh, No we didn't notice anything. We didn't see the sex."

Doctor: No, it's not the sex!

At this point, DJ and I locked eyes and I can tell he started to get a little worried and so was I.

Doctor: I see 2 babies!
Nurse: Yes, there's 2 babies, Congratulations, your going to have twins!

DJ & I literally yell at the same time: "2 BABIES!!!!"

Doctor: Yes, there's 2 heads and 2 heartbeats. Wanna see?

Then the Dr. showed us both of our babies heartbeats and we got to see what our babies looked liked. Of course, I'm such a cry baby so I burst into tears. I was just filled with so much joy, I started crying and saying, "Thank you God, Thank you God!" I was just thanking God over and over again because DJ and I tried for 3 years to get pregnant and we were so happy I was pregnant and to find out that God not only blessed us with one baby but he blessed us with two.

Then the nurse even started crying and saying how happy she was for us. Then my Dr. made us laugh so hard. He said, "Now I'm going to start crying." Both our Dr. and nurse told us how very blessed we are.

We are so shocked that we are having twins, but extremely HAPPY!

So, Baby Evans is no longer 1 baby but 2!

Evan Babies

Baby A was so energetic and wiggling his/her little arms and legs and Baby A even had the hiccups. It was so cute it looked as if he/she was jumping up and down. Baby A heartbeat was 163 and was much bigger than Baby B.  

Baby B was so mellow and calm. He/She was not really moving and didn't start moving until Baby A kept kicking. So I guess after being woken up Baby B started moving his/her legs and arms. Baby B is so tiny and the heartbeat was 143.

So many changes happened on May 13, 2014. Were no longer having 1 baby but 2, my due date has changed, and were no longer having a gender reveal party, but I Thank God for every single one of these changes! 

P.S. The only thing we don't have to change are our baby names. We picked out great names and they would be great for twins as well. So, were extremely happy we get to keep our names, we originally picked. When we thought we were having one baby we were going to wait until after our gender reveal to reveal our baby's name, but now that were having twins and we want to find out the gender immediately. Were going to share our names! :0)