Thursday, May 29, 2014

Southern Style Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Even though we are no longer having a Gender Reveal party this July to reveal Baby Evans gender since were now having Twins but I still wanted to share my Gender Reveal Ideas. If your thinking of having a Gender Reveal party for yourself, for a friend, or family member here are some adorable and inexpensive gender reveal ideas that I hope will help!

My Theme: Southern Gentleman and Southern Belle
Inspirations: The South, Southern Charm, Lace, Dollies, and Burlap
Colors: Lavender, Gray, and White

Here's an Inspiration board I made for our Gender Reveal party.

Theme & Color Scheme 
I wanted to steer away from the normal Blue and Pink Gender Reveal parties. Let's be honest I'm not a fan of pink or blue, so I went with my favorite colors, Gray and Lavender. I used Gray to represent a Boy and Lavender to represent a Girl. It's not a party without a theme, right? Not only did I want my gender reveal colors to be different but I wanted my theme to be different too. Everyone does something like 'Bows or Bowties' or even 'Ties or Tutus' but I decided to go with a 'Southern Gentleman or Southern Belle' theme. DJ and I are both from the South so I thought the theme would represent our gender reveal party perfectly. So I wanted to design the food and decor around a Paperboy hat to represent a Boy aka the Southern Gentleman and a Southern belle hat to represent a Girl aka the Belle.
{Here is the actual paperboy hat and southern belle hat I brought from Target. The gray paperboy hat was in the baby section for $8.99 and the Sun hat was in the Target dollar section for $1.00. I brought Lavender ribbon and florals from Michael's and the plan was to decorate the hat to resemble a Southern Belle hat. I was going to hang theme on a baby shower clothesline with onesies and baby bibs.}

First thing first the invitations I wanted to keep it simple and stay within my color scheme of Gray and Lavender. I also wanted mason jars somewhere and Onesies on the Invitations to represented a Boy and a Girl.

For the decor, I wanted everything really soft, sweet, and simple. I didn't want a lot of decor mostly just tissue paper pom-poms and Dollie Garlands throughout the room. I also wanted a burlap banner saying, Baby Evans. I found the most cutest burlap baby banner on Etsy. I wanted to incorporate some Lace so I brought Lace table clothes from Walamrt.


For the centerpieces, I wanted to use Dollie wrapped Mason Jars and use southern white flowers like Magnolias and Camellias. 

Photo Booth
I was planning on creating a tissue pom-pom backdrop to use as a photo booth so that guest could take pictures in front of it. I wanted cute little Southern photo props like Southern belle hats, Paperboy Hats, and sayings like, "I do Declare". I also wanted signs saying, "A Boy? or A Girl?" I thought this would be so fun for our guests.

Wear your Guess
On the invitations each guest were going to be asked to wear there guess! If you felt Baby Evans is a Boy wear Gray but if you think Baby Evans is a Girl wear Lavender. And for the guest that didn't come dress in there guess I found these adorable Bow and Bow tie pins, but of course I wanted them in Gray and Lavender. Since our names were already picked out so you were either going to be Team Kingsley or Team Khloe. 

And of course you can't have a gender reveal party without the He or She Hershey Bars!

Food & Drinks
For the food and drinks I wanted to keep it Southern. Since the gender reveal party was going to be held in July, it was going to be hot! We wanted to serve BBQ. For appetizers, we were going to serve Deviled Eggs. For Lunch, we planned on having BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, BBQ Chicken, Ribs, Hamburgers, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Macaroni n Cheese, and Rolls. For something sweet we can't have a BBQ without Ice cream and Watermelon. For Drinks, I had planned to serve all our drinks out of Mason Jars. I wanted a Sweet Tea Bar and a Lemonade Bar where guest could add in syrups and fruits to their sweet tea or Lemonade. 

Revealing of the Gender:
There are tons of ways to announce the big reveal! There's the Balloon Release, The Silly String Fight, and last but not least The Cutting of the Cake. I wanted to keep it simple and just cut into a cake. If it was Gray inside were having a boy but if Lavender inside it's a Girl. I wanted the top of my cake to be like the picture below of the Little Man cake but in Gray and white. I just want the cardigan, the bow tie, and the paperboy hat everything except for the shoes and pacifier. And for the bottom of the cake I wanted a beautiful Lavender Rosettes Cake and some pearls hanging.

For the favors, I wanted to keep my Southern theme going throughout the whole gender reveal so I wanted to hand out Pies to every guests at the end of our party.

I don't know if the future holds more children for DJ and I but if I ever do get pregnant again I definitely want to have a Gender Reveal Party!

*for image source and photo credits click on each photo individually 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

16 weeks

Memorial Day I became 16 weeks!

How far along: 16 weeks 2 days

How big is the baby? their the size of Avocados

Total weight gain: 12 pounds 

Maternity Clothes? No, I'm still wearing my regular clothes, but since my clothes are starting to get a little tight I went and brought some bigger size shirts.

Stretch marks? yes

Sleep: In the day time I could fall asleep anywhere! I started taking naps afternoon naps. But at night it seems like it takes me forever to fall asleep. My Dr. ordered me to only sleep on my left side and it's not at all comfortable.

Best Moment this week: On Memorials day, DJ had the day off so we planned a Date Night. We gotta get as many of them in as possible before the end of October/early November. Our Date night was perfect! DJ took me to see the new Xmen movie and we tried a new pizza placed called Pieology. It's like a Subway but with pizza. It was so Delicious! Another amazing moment that happened this week is my baby niece came from Louisiana to visit so I have all 3 of my babies here. I'm one happy Auntie!

Miss Anything? A peaceful night sleep without night sweats and tossing all night!

Movement: Nothing yet! Come on babies, please make a move!

Food cravings: Tuna, Salads, and Pizza. I still mostly just Fruit too! I crave any kind of fruit but mostly nectarines, honeydew, blueberries, and pineapple. I eat at least 2-3 pieces of fruit a day.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No!

Gender: We are so anxious and ready to find out!

Labor Signs: No too early

Symptoms: still really dry skin! I got a horrible rash between my breast. My skin started to turn really dark and began peeling. I googled it and it said it's pigmentation and a form of eczema. It itches so bad!

Have you started to show yet? Yes

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding ring on or off? off

Mood most of the time: Extremely Happy!!!

Looking forward to: I'm looking forward to my next ultrasound and my next Dr. appointment and to finally find out if were having Boys, Girls, or one of each! Crossing our fingers for one of each.

Baby names? Yes, we already have names picked out.

Thoughts: My Doctor has made me a special ultrasound with a specialist since we are now having Twins. They said I'm considered high risk and I need to start seeing a specialist so that they can keep a close eye on our babies! Which I definitely like the sound of that it's reassuring me that everything is going to be okay and we would love to see our babies more often and see how there doing. My next Dr appointment is not until another 4 weeks so I have alot of time on my hands. So this week I started shopping for our baby shower. Of course, my first stop was Etsy. So far I only ordered 6 items and 2 of my packages came in the mail this week. I was too excited just to get paper straws in the mail! Hehe ;-) I can't wait to reveal the theme to you guys, it's something that DJ and I came up with together. Also this week the babies can hear Mommy and Daddy and we were so excited about that. We probably have been talking their ears off! Lol We tell them Good Morning, Good Night, and we even sang to them.

15 weeks

Lol! Well, since I'm now officially 16 weeks I should post my 15 weeks right... 

How far along: 15 weeks

How big is the baby? their the size of Apples

Total weight gain: 12 pounds {I gained another pound :-( It seems like every time I go to the Doctors I've gained another pound but it's all for my babies}

Maternity Clothes? No, I'm still wearing my regular clothes, but my clothes are starting to get a little tight.

Stretch marks? yes, I have light yellow ones at the bottom of my stomach

Sleep: Uncomfortable! I toss and turn for hours.

Best Moment this week: We were excited all week long because we thought we were going to finally find out our babies gender.

Miss Anything? Peaceful sleep!

Movement: No. My Dr said  by 16 weeks I should start feeling some movement or recognize feelings of them move

Food cravings: Still mostly just Fruit! I crave any kind of fruit whether it's fresh, frozen, or can. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: No!

Gender: We definitely NOW want to know the babies gender. We are so anxious and ready to find out!

Labor Signs: No too early

Symptoms: really dry skin and pregnancy acne

Have you started to show yet? Yes, I no longer have a small baby bump it's pretty round now.

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding ring on or off? off

Mood most of the time: Joyful

Looking forward to: Seeing my babies again!

Baby names? Yes, we already have names picked out.

Thoughts: At my last Dr. appointment we were told we might be able to see the babies gender this week. We were so excited to find out if were having Girls, Boys, or one of each! My Mom even came to our Dr. appointment with us because she wanted to see the babies too, but unfortunately we were not able to see the sex of either baby A or baby B. We were so bummed! Lol you should have seen the look on our faces you would think our fish died or something. We were so sad we didn't find out their sex, but at the same time we were so HAPPY to hear both babies heartbeats are really Strong and they are doing wonderfully!

Thank you God for your abundant blessings!

Friday, May 16, 2014

14 weeks

How far along: 14 weeks 4 Day

How big is the baby? their the size of Lemons

Total weight gain: 11 pounds {I gained 1 pound from my last visit}

Maternity Clothes? No, but my clothes are starting to get a little tight

Stretch marks? yes, I have light yellow ones at the bottom of my stomach

Sleep: It takes me a while to get to sleep but when I finally do fall asleep it's pretty good.

Best Moment this week:  The best moment this week was finding out the we are having Twins. DJ and I were in shock but we are extremely happy that God has blessed us with two children. We tried for 3 years to have one baby and now He has blessed us with two. Also hearing and seeing all our families reaction when we said we were having Twins everyone was so happy and so excited for us! :0)

Miss Anything? Not this week!

Movement: No

Food cravings: Still mostly just Fruit!

Anything making you queasy or sick: No!

Gender: We definitely NOW want to know the babies gender. We are so anxious and ready to find out!

Labor Signs: No too early

Symptoms: really dry skin and pregnancy acne

Have you started to show yet? Yes, I no longer have a small baby bump it's pretty round now.

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding ring on or off? off

Mood most of the time: Joyful

Looking forward to: My Dr appointment on May 22 to see my babies again.

Baby names? Yes, we already have names picked out.

Thoughts: So many changes happened this week and I wasn't at all prepare for them, but I definitely thank God for them. Three weeks ago, When I thought I was 15 weeks my Dr told me my uterus felt really small to be 15 weeks, so he told me to schedule my first ultrasound on May 13 to see if I was really 15 weeks and to finally see Baby Evans. So, three weeks weeks went by and I thought I was now 18 weeks on Mother's day. Well to our surprise Baby Evans was not 1 baby but 2 and when they measured the babies and my uterus they said I was only around 14 weeks! Huh?? I was so confused. I thought I was so far along but they said, Nope the babies are too small and they even changed my due date from October 12 to November 10. So as you can see there has been so many changes going on. And now that were having twins we definitely want to know their gender. No more surprises! lol I literally feel like I'm living in a dream and I have to pinch myself I'm feel so blessed right now and I can't describe how happy I am. To see both of them moving their arms and legs brought tears so my ears and hearing their heartbeats was like sweet music to my ears I couldn't stop cry. All happy tears! :0)

Maternity fashion: T-shirt- Target
Shorts- Charlotte Russe

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our Original Baby Names!

Today I'm going to share with you our original baby names we had picked out before we found out that were having Twins. DJ and I have had our names for over a year now we were just waiting for that day to come! 

When we first sat down we both had like 20 different names and then we ended up narrowing our list down to 8 girl names and 8 boy names.


We always said if we had a girl we would name her Khloe Chanel. 


We literally have change our boy name 3 times. First, we had Logan Alexander, then second we had Nicholas Alexander, and now our official and finally name that we've had for a month now is Kingsley Alexander. 

Were praying for a boy and a girl so that we can keep our names the same! We love the names we have picked out!

I absolutely LOVE Kingsley and Khloe together! There perfect for twins!

But if we end up having two boys or two girls we have to go back to the drawing board.

Twin Boys: Kash and Kingsley or Kaiden and Kingsley

DJ and I both love Kash, but my family isn't to sold on the name just yet and DJ like Kaiden but I don't like the name Kaiden. It seems like everyone and there Mama does the "aiden" thing... Kaiden, Jaiden, Aiden... the list goes on and on! 

Twin Girls: Khloe and Kennedy or Khloe and Kendall

I love the name Kennedy I think it's so cute, but DJ doesn't like it and thinks it's a boy name and I'm not to sold on Kendall. DJ loves Kendall but I don't to much like it. So our Twin girls names are still in discussion!

Since were not too much agreeing on the "K" names for the girls I even thought we could maybe go with Brooklynn and Bailey. They were both our top picks for girl names! Who knows???

Well see what we decide after we find out the sex!

Omg! Exciting news! Were having TWINS!!

Okay as you all know for weeks I've been talking about how DJ and I finally get to see Baby Evans. We were so happy and literally counting down the hours and minutes from Sunday to Tuesday Morning. My Dr. appointment wasn't until 3:00 PM on Tuesday, May 13 but DJ and I were up at 6:54 AM. We were so anxious and excited to finally see our Miracle baby. We even got to the Dr's office early  we arrived at 2:00 PM on the dot! Lol

At 18 weeks we knew we could find out the gender of Baby Evans but we didn't want to know we wanted to be surprised. It's our first baby and we wanted to be surprised because we just wanted a healthy baby! AND BOY WERE WE SURPRISED! {I'll get to that in a little bit} On July 26, we had planned to have a big gender reveal party with all of our friends and family to reveal Baby Evans gender.

So, were waiting in the waiting area and they finally call my name! Eeeks! The Doctor and nurse are so friendly I absolutely love going there. So, DJ and I are were just making small talk with them and we told them we didn't want to know the sex of the baby and explained our gender reveal party to them. They were so excited about the gender reveal party and loved the idea. So DJ handed the nurse our envelope and I laid down so we can see our baby! :0)

Doctor: Uh oh!
Nurse: Uh oh! What?
Doctor: Do you think they notice?
Nurse: No, I don't think they noticed.

{DJ and I looked at each other with a worried look on our face}

Doctor: I'm going to have to tell them.
Nurse: yeah, you are going to have to tell them.

I thought the Dr. thought we had saw the sex of the baby, so I said; "Oh, No we didn't notice anything. We didn't see the sex."

Doctor: No, it's not the sex!

At this point, DJ and I locked eyes and I can tell he started to get a little worried and so was I.

Doctor: I see 2 babies!
Nurse: Yes, there's 2 babies, Congratulations, your going to have twins!

DJ & I literally yell at the same time: "2 BABIES!!!!"

Doctor: Yes, there's 2 heads and 2 heartbeats. Wanna see?

Then the Dr. showed us both of our babies heartbeats and we got to see what our babies looked liked. Of course, I'm such a cry baby so I burst into tears. I was just filled with so much joy, I started crying and saying, "Thank you God, Thank you God!" I was just thanking God over and over again because DJ and I tried for 3 years to get pregnant and we were so happy I was pregnant and to find out that God not only blessed us with one baby but he blessed us with two.

Then the nurse even started crying and saying how happy she was for us. Then my Dr. made us laugh so hard. He said, "Now I'm going to start crying." Both our Dr. and nurse told us how very blessed we are.

We are so shocked that we are having twins, but extremely HAPPY!

So, Baby Evans is no longer 1 baby but 2!

Evan Babies

Baby A was so energetic and wiggling his/her little arms and legs and Baby A even had the hiccups. It was so cute it looked as if he/she was jumping up and down. Baby A heartbeat was 163 and was much bigger than Baby B.  

Baby B was so mellow and calm. He/She was not really moving and didn't start moving until Baby A kept kicking. So I guess after being woken up Baby B started moving his/her legs and arms. Baby B is so tiny and the heartbeat was 143.

So many changes happened on May 13, 2014. Were no longer having 1 baby but 2, my due date has changed, and were no longer having a gender reveal party, but I Thank God for every single one of these changes! 

P.S. The only thing we don't have to change are our baby names. We picked out great names and they would be great for twins as well. So, were extremely happy we get to keep our names, we originally picked. When we thought we were having one baby we were going to wait until after our gender reveal to reveal our baby's name, but now that were having twins and we want to find out the gender immediately. Were going to share our names! :0)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Pregnancy week-by-week: 17 weeks Pregnant


How far along: 17 weeks 1 Day

How big is the baby? the size of a Onion {5.1 inches and 5.9 oz}

Total weight gain: 10 pounds 

Maternity Clothes? I mostly wear tons of dresses!

Stretch marks? I was hoping I didn't have to say yes to this! But, yes, I have light yellow ones at the bottom of my stomach

Sleep: It takes me a while to get to sleep but when I finally do I sleep GREAT! Last night I slept for 10 hours! :0)

Best Moment this week:  Nothing new happened this week. We worked and I cooked and cleaned. Nothing new or exciting this week besides the fact that I got Pizza and Tuna! :0)

Miss Anything? Not this week!

Movement: Late Tuesday night I was in bed and felt something but I wasn't sure if it was the baby. Then Wednesday while talking to DJ, my Mom, and sister I felt something again. So I'm not sure if I felt the baby or not but I'm pretty sure I did.

Food cravings: Fruit! I literally have to have Fruit everyday! I eat a yellow Apple with Tajin everyday. Tuna with Ritz crackers and Pizza. I finally got my Tuna that I've been craving since last week. I made myself tuna and got Ritz crackers from my Mom. For 3 weeks, I've also been craving Pizza but been trying to avoid eating Pizza because It's not the most healthiest choice. BUT I caved and ordered Pizza on Thursday! I had pizza with an Ice cold water bottle and loved every minute of it!

Anything making you queasy or sick: No!

Gender: We don't want to know the gender just yet. We want to wait and be surprised!

Labor Signs: No too early

Symptoms: Tender breast, really dry skin, and pregnancy acne

Have you started to show yet? Yes, I have a small baby bump.

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding ring on or off? off

Mood most of the time: still very, very Happy and very Anxious to see the baby! 

Looking forward to: My Dr appointment on May 13! We FINALLY get to see the baby!

Baby names? Yes, we already have a boy and girl name picked out.

Thoughts: Yesterday I became 17 weeks and I can't believe how fast everything is going. Wow! Everything is happening so fast! In July, were having our baby shower so I literally have only 2 in a half months to plan and get everything together. Eeekkk! I need to seriously get started! I'm excited because the same day as our baby shower were revealing the sex of the baby. So, were having a Gender Reveal party/Baby shower. I'll share more details with you guys later. My symptons have been crazy I still have tender breast at night, now my skin is dry and I'm still getting pregnancy acne. I've never had dry skin before my skin has always been oily but lately it's been dry and cracking. I changed my lotion last week and I also started applying Neutrogena body oil and coconut oil. I research and google everything now and I found out wearing a sports bra at night can ease your breast from hurting and aching, so I went to Walmart and brought some sport bras. I've never liked sport bras ever but I can now say I'M IN LOVE! My breast didn't hurt all night and I slept like a baby. :0) I also can't get enough of Jamba Juice! I think it's the heat, because I want anything fruit related and cold. I'm becoming a regular customer at Jamba Juice and Taco bell for their freezers. Lol

Just having a little Fun!
After my baby bump photo I had to grab my Icy cold water bottle and an Apple and my DJ thought it would be fun to play around and include it in my chalkboard tracker!
Maternity fashion: T-shirt- Target 
Leggings- Target
Bangles- Forever 21

Happy Cinco De Mayo and have a Great week!