Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pregnancy Week-by-Week: 9 weeks

I never thought I would say, "I'm 9 weeks pregnant". I'm smiling from ear to ear just saying it! :0)

I'm so happy to say were having our 1st baby and our little miracle is due around October 10, 2014. I will be tracking my pregnancy and updating monthly/weekly to show my growing bump. I'm so excited!!!

Right now I'm currently 9 weeks and our baby is the size of an Olive!

Not only is the baby the size of an Olive but it has eyelids, fingers, and toes and it's no longer considered a fetus anymore it's an embryo. 

I've been seeing all over Pinterest Pregnancy Chalkboard trackers and I really want to create one so this weekend that's one of the projects on the top of my list. So for right now I don't have a chalkboard or my baby bump just yet but I will very soon.

How far along are you? 9 weeks
Total weight gain: 5 pounds {I gained 5 pounds in February I was 192 and now I'm 197} 
Stretch marks? No
Favorite Moment this week: Hearing the words your pregnant from the Dr's. and telling my family
Miss Anything? No
Any Movement? No, not yet!
Food cravings? Yes, Mexican food and Guava Juice! Guava juice is my favorite but I drank any Kern's juice.

Anything making you queasy or sick? I just found out I've been pregnant since January but I didn't feel any sickness, no morning sickness or anything but I was feeling really tired. Right now at this point I'm HAPPY! 
Have you started to show yet? Slightly! I can't wait to have a baby bump!
Gender: We have no idea! 
Belly button in or out? In

Now that I know I'm pregnant I definitely plan on eating wayyyyy better. I still have a ton of food aka Junk food in my house but in 2 weeks I'm going grocery shopping and starting over because I don't want to gain too much weight and be too overweight. 

Thank you for joining this journey with me and for all your support words and prayers!

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