Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Louisiana Beignets {Cheater version}

Louisiana Beignets

Happy Fat Tuesday!!!

With today being Fat Tuesday and tomorrow Mardi Gars I decided to share my Beignets recipe with you! Who doesn't love Beignets? There so warm, soft, and oh so sweet! And with Mardi Gras just around the corner in a couple of minutes I wanted to share an easy way you can enjoy some Louisiana Beignets. Last year for my family Mardi Gras party I made 60 of these little bad boys, well little is not the right word. I actually made them pretty big. I''m not a fan of yeast or making anything from starch I'm a semi-homemade kinda girl,so when I was asked to make Beignets I knew I was going to make a cheater version. As ya'll know when I make donuts I usually cut the Grand Biscuits into fours and they come out like small donut holes but since I was making my beignets with biscuits I wanted them to look close as possible to an actual beignet. I already had the taste down because they take scrumptious, but I need to work on the look. I took each Grand biscuit and cut it in half. Each can of biscuit comes with 8 biscuits then when you cut them in half it becomes 16 biscuits. So you can make 1 can or more. I have a big family so I had to use 4 cans.

1 can of Grand Biscuits 
Powder Sugar
Canola Oil {for frying}
Paper towels
2 plates

1. In a large frying pan place in the oil and let the oil heat up. Take 2 plates and place paper towels over one and pour powder sugar on the other.

2. Cut each biscuit in half. so each biscuit becomes two.

3. Then take each half and I wanted to create the square look a beignets has so I tugged and pulled out the edges, so they were no longer round.
4. The oil should be nice and hot so begin placing the biscuits in the oil. They cook very fast so make sure your rotating them on each side. They usually take less than 3 minutes to cook.

5. After there done frying place them on the paper towel plate.

6. Let them cool and let the oil drain off for a few minutes then place them in the powder sugar plate. Roll them around until there fully coated with powder sugar.

Now your all done! You can munch on them after dinner with a yummy latte or Hot chocolate or you can even eat them throughout the day! :0)

If you would like to see full party pictures and details head on over to my party blog: www.poshdivaparties.blogspot.com

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