Friday, March 21, 2014

{DIY} UPDATE: How to make a Tutu Table Skirt

About a year ago I made a tulle tutu table skirt for my niece's Tinkerbell party and I posted it on my here on my blog. The post did so great and it is still doing great! To my surprise I got over 1067 views on and it and I never ever thought something I made for my niece's birthday would get so many views. I didn't do a step by step tutorial on it before, I just briefly showed some photos of it and then explained how long it took me to make.

So today I'm sharing how you can create a tutu table skirt for your parties! 

I said I would never make another one because it took so long to make but to my surprise I made another one for my Valentine's day party!

I must admit their so pretty and always look amazing on the table so I couldn't resist.

Here's the first tutu table skirt I made last year:

Here is the second tutu table skirt I made for Valentine's:

Material You will need:
2 2/3 yards of Fabric or you can purchase a Tablecloth
22-24 yards of Tulle
3-6 yards of Ribbon 
Stretch elastic 
Fabri-Tac adhesive
straight pins


1. First your going to take your fabric/tablecloth and lay it on the table.

2. secondly take your ribbon and measure it around the entire table, then pin it to the fabric or tablecloth

2. After you measured out enough elastic, take your tulle and start to cut in into stripes. For my lime tutu table skirt I cut my tulle stripes really small but for the black one I cut them very large. 

3. After all my tulle strips are cut I began looping each one onto the elastic. 

4. I fold the stripe of tulle in half then place the loop over and behind  the elastic.

5. Then take the tulle and place the tail in the loop.

6. Pull the tulle until it looks like a tie, with the knot in front.

7. Continue all the way across the ribbon until you have all 3 sides finished!

8. I also take ribbon and glued it on top of tulle to give it a cleaner look.

I found a really great picture tutorial here on Catch my Party and that's how I first learned how to creative my very own tulle tutu table skirts.

Hope this helps!

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