Monday, February 24, 2014

We finally had a Date Night!

We finally had a Date night in February! Well it was actually not night it was 3 PM but you get the point. We haven't been on a date in forever so this was long over due. My goal this year was to spend more time together and have a date night every month. We didn't go on a date in January but were making up for it. One Sunday before we went to communion DJ asked me if I want to go on a Date! Why of course! Lol
I was so excited to get out of the house. He took me to our favorite spot Panera Bread and I ordered a salad, which was delicious!!! We sat outside by the water fountain and just enjoyed each others company!

Yummy Chicken Cobb salad with a Lemonade

Hubby's plate! Steak sandwich, chips, and a low fat Strawberry smoothie!

After a light lunch we headed towards Target and did a little shopping before heading home to get ready for Church. I truly enjoy the time we spend together! 

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