Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Perfect Valentines 2014

Through out the year we have alot of Romance going on other than just Valentines day, but this year Valentine's day was Perfect!
Every year we never really make a big fuss with going out to dinner or really exchange gifts. We always do something laid back. Last year we did our taxes, went grocery shopping, and stopped by the park. Lol Romantic huh?? Lol :0)
But this year I can honestly say it was romantic, laid back, and soooo nice! I'm so happy my Teddy really understand me and gets me because all I wanted to do was stay indoors, take a bubble bath, watch movies, and make a heart shape pizza. The day before Valentine's day we brought all of the items to make the pizza which DJ was really excited about since he's ever made a pizza before. On the actual day of Valentine I began decorating for my Kim Casali "Love is..." valentines party. I mostly had everything all decorated the night before all I had to do was add the scrumptious sweets. The kids came home from school changed into their outfits and joined the party. After our mini photo shoot we munched on cookies, cupcakes, macarons, and cakepops. Everything taste yummy. After my Valentines set up I wanted to rest for a bit, so I took a bubble bath. Then my sweet hubby came home and surprised me with some chocolate covered strawberries and pink champagne. I'm 27 years old and I've never had champagne before! Embarrassing right! Am I the last person on the face of the earth that is this old and haven't had any wine or champagne. DJ and I don't drink so it was a surprise to see pink champagne! Our plans was to exchanged gifts that night and I was so excited to hide his gift all over the house. This year I wanted to do something creative. DJ loves Superheros so I brought some kid superhero valentine cards and his favorite candy and I wrote 32 reasons why I love him and attached them to the valentine cards. Then I placed the cards all around our apartment. So when DJ came back up stairs from my Mom's house he was so surprise to see all the valentines cards all over our place. I got so excited watching his face light up reading all his valentines. He said I almost made him tear up! He's so sweet! There was so many sweet, funny, and heart felt cards being passed around! It's the little things that are so special to us and I'm so blessed to have my amazing hubby in my life.

While making pizza, we sipped on champagne and after 2 sips I had to stop drinking it, it was too strong for me! Lol My hubby is not at all the cook but he did so good with the pizza I let him take over and He Did that! :0)
After the pizza was all finished we cuddle up, nibbled on pizza, ate chocolate covered strawberries and watched the movie, Date night. We were so exhausted we both fell asleep on the movie and on each other! real romantic right? Lol

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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