Friday, January 3, 2014

New Years Day 2014

Happy New Years Everyone!!!
New Years Day we would always get dressed up and head over to my granny's house for some Gumbo and Chitlins. But since Granny is no longer here we don't get together like we use to anymore, because by the time Thanksgiving and Christmas is over were pretty exhausted! So nowadays on New Years we rest and recuperate for the year ahead. I'm a HUGE homebody but for some reason I wanted to get out of the house! Probably because I really wanted to finish decorating the bathroom. 

I'm giving myself a pat on the back because I'm already achieving one of my 2014 goals. My goal is to turn my empty apartment into a cozy home for me and Mr. Evans one room at a time. We've been living in our apartment since late September and I still hadn't even decorated. My bathroom was completely bare and last Saturday I started decorating. I'm no Martha Stewart but DJ and I loved it! :0)

After I finished my quiet time we got dressed and headed to Ross I found a Rug that I have been eyeing on sale for $6.99 and then I got an addiction $0.70 off of it! Score! Then we went to Target where I got a Bathroom decal and a basket. I'm on a new budget for 2014 and let's be honest being on a budget sucks, but I am having fun decorating on a budget because I've been finding a lot of great buys! After Ross and Target we went to have Lunch then headed home because Mom had cooked New Years dinner. We didn't have Gumbo but we did have chitlins that my Auntie made. I was still so full from lunch so I saved my plate for later and headed up stirs to finish my bathroom.

So most of the day I spent working on my bathroom and watching Lifetime movies! 

Some days I wake up and get lazy and some days when I slept in I don't have quiet time like I'm truly suppose to. I rush my praying time and that's not fair because I'm limiting God, but 2014 I will not be doing that. I'm giving God my full attention every morning like I use too.

Notice my pretty cup in the corner of the picture... It's filled with water! Yayyyy! :0) Another one of my 2014 goals is getting back to my water habit. I'm truly at water girl! I used to drink water all day everyday then when the Holidays rolled around you would have think I bumped my head, because I literally drunk anything and everything but water. 

You can't have a New Year dinner without Black eye peas, greens and Chitlins! Lol

DJ is not the only one that loved it because for my first time decorating I think I did a pretty good job!

Today was an Awesome day and 2014 is starting off to a Great start!

What did ya'll do anything special today for New Years? I would love to know!


  1. Happy New Year! Your bathroom looks nice! I like those colors... I had been thinking about them for my bathroom. Hobby Lobby is also a good place to look for affordable home decor too. Giving God his time is something on the top of my list this year too. NOT CHITLINS... they probably taste delicious but I can't get past that smell. lol. I wish you, DJ, and your family nothing but the best this year!

    1. Thank you Jessica! :0) So good to hear from you!

      Why Thank you for saying my bathroom looks nice! Yeah I love the colors too you should definitely do your bathroom that color. I wanted something bright and cheerful! Also That's how I was at first I couldn't get over the smell I can only eat them if my family makes them because most people don't know how to cut down the smell.
      Awww Thank you so much Jess I wish you and your family nothing but the BEST in 2014! Your doing amazing things with your life and this year is only going to get better.