Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Guava Cake

Guava Cake

For New Years I wanted to bake a cake for my family but I didn't want to make my usual yellow cake. I wanted something different! One of my favorite fruit is Guava so I looked up Guava cakes on Pinterest and found one I really liked from Tortillas and Honey. It took a ton of steps to make this cake but it was well worth it. It was moist, had the most amazing smell, beautiful bright hot pink color and taste just as amazing as it looked!

Just look at the pretty Hot pink color of this cake!!

{the only thing missing from the picture is the Cool whip and sugar!}

For the cake:
1 box strawberry cake mix 
1 c. guava juice (replace the amount of water called for the package with guava juice)
1/2 c. vegetable oil 
3 eggs 
1/2 c. guava juice (this is for drizzling on top of cooled cake for extra guava flavor!)

Cream cheese mixture:
8 oz. package of cream cheese, softened
1/3 c. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
8 oz. package of Cool Whip, thawed

Guava glaze:
2 c. guava juice
1/2 c. sugar
1/4 c. corn starch
pink food coloring 


Bake the cake according to package directions, substituting guava juice for water. Once cake is cooled, poke holes on top of the cake with a fork. Drizzle with guava juice and set aside to let the juice seep into the cake.

Cream cheese mixture:
In a medium mixing bowl, beat cream cheese with hand mixer until fluffy. Add sugar and vanilla and beat in. Slowly fold in the Cool Whip and refrigerate until ready to use.

Guava glaze:
In a medium sauce pan, bring the 2 cups guava juice and sugar to a boil. Make a paste out of the cornstarch and a small amount of water. Once the guava and sugar are boiling, remove saucepan from heat and stir in the cornstarch mixture. Return to heat and bring back to a boil and boil for one minute. Add a couple drops of pink food coloring. (Some types of guava juice aren't pink in color, so if you'd like to get the pink color, you can definitely add  some pink food coloring to get that pretty pink guava color.  Cool in refrigerator.

To assemble cooled cake:
Thickly ice the cake with the cream cheese mixture. (Make sure there's enough room on the top for the guava glaze-- if you don't think there will be enough room, reduce the amount of the cream cheese mixture so that there's room for the glaze.) Glaze the top of the cake with guava gel. Refrigerate until ready to serve

Since I decided to bake an Hawaiian Cake for everyone I also decided why not make a yummy semi-Hawaiian lunch! :0)
I made 14 plates of Hawaiian rice, grilled pineapples, Hawaiian sandwiches, and some shrimp cooked in Soy sauce and pineapple juice. Everyone said everything taste yummy and the Guava Cake was a BIG hit!!! It brings me so much JOY to cook for my family!

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