Thursday, January 2, 2014

Good Bye 2013!

Good Bye 2013! 

And Hello 2014! As you all know I really don't do New year resolutions but I do always have certain goals I want to achieve. I usually only have like 3 or 4 goals but this year I have 14! Woo Hoo! Yes 14 goals in 2014! And I plan on achieving every single one. BOOM! Watch me! lol
Like every New Year's Eve I spend it at Church. Now ya'll know I'm boring and I don't go out. Lol

But this life I live is amazing and I owe it to Him, so every new year's eve I worship the Lord! We always have Church at 8pm and of course at Midnight we celebrate. But before Church I did a little grocery shopping and then got pretty! After Church DJ and I stayed up all night watching movies, just relaxing and talking about things we want to do and accomplish in 2014.

Just like any other year 2013 had some ups and downs, but were only going to the Top and Over the Top! We moved into a bigger apartment, DJ hand is doing great and he will soon be able to go back to work, I got a second job, We lost some weight and most importantly me and DJ's love has grown stronger and stronger. January 6 is going to make 3 years! 

a mini photo session with my Sisters before I went to Church!

Me and my Teddy "DJ" at Church

As you can see I'm really happy! I'm so happy for all the 
amazing things that are going to happen in 2014 for my relationship with God and my Husband, Posh Diva Parties, and School!

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