Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

Christmas morning was so wonderful to see all the love around the room and see all of the happy and smiling faces and to see the look on Princess and Papas face as they ripped off the wrapping paper. We decorated the tree kinda late this year but when we did decorate it, it was beautiful and smelled amazing too. This year my sisters went and got a real tree and we thought the kids were going to be so excited but they could have cared less. They were too busy run around and playing tag and didn't care which tree they got! Once again we forgot to get a star for the top of  the tree, that's becoming a tradition of ours! The kids got way too many presents but they have been really good this year and deserved it. We adults normally don't exchanged gifts we just shower the kids with gifts, but this year I must have been a good girl! Lol My sisters both got me gifts. I got a food network serving dish because my sissy Niqua knows I how I love to entertain and have parties and my other sissy, Shan got me a blush I've been wanting for sometime now. I really love both of my gifts and can't wait to use them. We exchanged gifts and then parted ways until we all meant up later for our Pajama Christmas Brunch. 

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