Wednesday, January 8, 2014

14 Goals for 2014!

I never set New Year resolutions I just always try to live everyday to the fullest and be grateful everyday what God has blessed me with and what He continues to bless me with. I do however have goals I always set for my Marriage and my relationship with my Heavenly Father. As I said before I usually only do 3 or 4 goals but this year I decided to do something different and follow in a fellow blogger footsteps. Last year she created 13 goals for 2013 and this year I decided to create 14 goals for 2014 for myself. 
And I plan on achieving every single one! Just watch me! I'm really going to push myself this year.

2013 was good, but I want 2014 to be better!

1. More Time with My Heavenly Father
Even though it's only the 8th of January I have already been doing good in this department. I don't leave the house before reading my bible and praying and before I go to bed I've been doing the same. This year I want to Pray more and read my Bible more so that I can get better understanding and a right relationship, just spend more time with Him, and most importantly get back to working in the Kingdom. I use to volunteer at my Church Food Bank, help out in the Day Care, and even work in the Nursery on Sundays but for the past year and a half I have let other things become more important and I need to get back my focus of Kingdom business.

2. Be a Better Wife & Monthly Date Nights
Me and Mr. Evans hardly ever go on Date nights so this year we definitely have to do better. We always forget our Anniversaries and never celebrate them but this year nothing will be slipping our minds or thoughts when it comes to our Anniversary! :-) We definitely need to celebrate our Love!
I also want to be a better wife. My Husband always tells me I'm a good wife and I do this... and I do that... but I want to not just hear it I want to KNOW it and FEEL it so there are a couple things I plan to improve! I want to know I'm a Noble wife.

3. Eat Healthy and Drink lots of Water!
Now ya'll know the Holidays got me! I bumped my head and was literally eating everything and anything. I'm so glad the Holidays are over with. I've lost some pounds and inches then gained them back but I want to finally get rid of my double chin, arms, and belly and to the only way that's going to happen if I pick healthier choices and also my major problem is watching my portions. I'm a water girl but over the Holidays I started drinking everything. I'm happy to say Since the first of January I haven't had a single soda!

4. Increase my Savings & Decrease my Debt
First thing first I pay my tithes every month and now when I pay my tithes I'm making myself match that same amount to my savings. So when I give 10% of my tithes I then put 10% in my savings. Another thing I plan on doing this year is leaving my Debt card at home. I've learned when leaving my card at home I don't swipe it as much.

5. Turn my empty apartment into a Cozy Home!
DJ and I moved the end of September and I barely started decorating 2 weeks ago! Bad I know! I've been so busy dealing with everything else the only thing on my mind when I did make it home was to shower and hit the bed. But this year I plan to finally work on and finish my Home projects for our new place. I already finished the bathroom. You can click here to see my bathroom! It may take all year, but I plan to do one room at a time.

6. Create a Cleaning Schedule
I soooooo need to be on a cleaning schedule because I find myself cleaning the same room and things over and over again so something has got to change. I try to do most of my cleaning Fridays and Sunday nights but that's not working so I need a new cleaning schedule that works for me.

7. Get Back Organized!
I'm super big on organizing everything so I embarrassed to say nothing in my home is organized anymore! My Prayer binder is okay since I've been working on it, but my Home binder and Bills organizer are looking a hot mess! I need to get my Home back Organized asap!!!

8. Continue to Walk in Love & Give Love
I use to always be so thoughtful and giving when it came to cards, notes, and homemade gifts but now being so busy I never get too. I need to get back to sending and giving out Love and just showing everyone I appreciate them. 

9. Get back to my Meal planning & prepping!
I'm happy to say I've already have done one of these goals. Last week I went grocery shopping and I did amazing. I sat down and actually did a Meal Plan for 2 weeks! Yes, for 2 weeks. Then I made a grocery list based off of the meal plan I did then I headed to the market. I usually spent between $120-$150.... but this time I only spent $105! Yayyy! I made a meal plan and actually saved money. 

10. Sweat Baby Sweat!
I need to sweat. Point blank period. I need to sweat this fat off of me! I was working out for a good 3 weeks then I quit again in November :-( 
I normally do Taebo, but I did a Zumba class once and fell in love so I want to do both Taebo and Zumba this year!

11. Volunteer
I use to volunteer and do stuff at my Church all the time but I let my priorities and other worldly things get the best of my time, so this year I want to get back to volunteering and helping out. 

12. Watch Posh Diva Parties Sprout & Bloom
Last year, in May when I started Posh Diva Parties I had only 2 goals. 1. To grow and better perfect my skill in party planning 2. Develop a Blog so that I can showcase my parties, show DIY party projects and party tips, and to help others. I can officially say I achieved those goals. I have an up coming Valentine's Dessert set up and I hope from my first party to now you can see my growth, I also created my party blog: I'm a Posh Diva who loves parties and my goal is to help each and everyone with their party needs.

13. Pampered
Pamper! I need to really remember this word. Last year after September I started buying myself clothes and this year I want to get back to getting pedicures and buying makeup. I need to sometimes pamper myself and I forget that often that I need me time too! :0) I know it sounds selfish saying this but I feel like I give everyone so much of me except for myself. 

14. Developing Friendships
And last but not least, Developing Friendships. I have a friend I've known for 12 years but it never felt like a real close friendship and I had a close friend for 6 years who just recently in October we stopped being friends. And ever since we stopped being friends she has so much to complain about me now. It so hurtful because for 6 years she never said any of these things to me but now I'm this and I'm that. Every time she writes me on Facebook it feels like an attack. I just want this year to find a healthy Friendship! All I want is some girl time, chit chatting, hitting up Marshalls and Target, grabbing a Starbucks, maybe getting a pedicure or grab some lunch, someone I can seek get spiritual advice from and even going to a concert with. Is that too much to ask for?!?!


  1. No soda since January?? That's AMAZING!!! I am slowly weaning myself off soda and hope to have my last soda by the end of January. I have been drinking a ton more of water and it just makes me feel healthier because I know it's so good for my body.

    1. Hi Sara! Thank you for the comment! :0)

      That's great your slowly weaning yourself off of Soda. I have no self control so I had to cut it out cold turkey. Lol

      But I know you can definitely do it!!! :0)