Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BBQ Honey Pineapple Chicken

My Mom is the Queen of Recipes!

The reason I call her that is because my whole life my Mom has always loved trying new recipes. She loves to cook new recipes, collect recipes, and loves to share and swap recipes with anyone and everyone.

Lately, a lot of her recipes have come from Pinterest. Here is a Crock pot chicken recipe that will make your mouth water just by hearing the ingredients.


BBQ Honey Pineapple Chicken

1 lb, about 3-4 raw chicken breasts

2 cups BBQ sauce, I used Sweet baby Rays sweet & spicy!

1 can sliced pineapples. Reserve 1/2 cup of juice

1/4 cup chopped white onion

1 Tb honey

Mix honey, BBQ sauce, juice all together and pour over onions and chicken. Next, Cook in Crock for 5-6 hours on low. 
Then Shred chicken and serve over rice!

To see the original recipe click Here!

This chicken was full of flavor and delicious! 
Is your mouth watering yet? :o)

Were Mobile!

Yes, The Evans are finally mobile again!

God is so Good! He keeps blessing us each and every day!

We lost our car last year when we moved and for 10 months straight we walked, caught the bus, borrowed Grams car, and asked my Mom for rides to now having our own car :o)

We saved, paid our tithes, and everyday said, "Thank you God for our new car"

We truly believe that if your heart desires something then you have to speak to it and see it before you see it. {I hope that makes sense} 
We saw our car before we "really" saw it.

DJ was trying to wash the car and of course our shadows wanted to help :o)
It was so cute because Princess would tell us everyday when she got money that she was going to buy her Tee tee mama and Uncle BJ a new car, so when she found out we were getting a car she was so happy.
Now she says since we have a car she's going to buy us a big house! She loves to give and has a heart of Gold!

What are the wonderful things God has been doing in your life? I would love to hear :o)

Getting My Confidence Back!

Then and Now

I wasn't the best dressed but I was happy and confident in how I looked! Let's be real I thought I was Fine! I always keep my hair and nails done, and went shopping every week and I never left my house without makeup. Something in me changed! My confidence was no longer there, I started wearing less and less makeup, and I got in the "newlywed rut" and gained a bunch of weight. I stopped shopping for clothes and keep telling myself, "Oh when I lose weight I'll buy clothes."

My Husband, my family, and my home became more important than anything, even myself! I stopped taking care of myself, but all that is going to change. I agree with my Husband, family, and my best friend that I need to start taking care of myself before others and get the "Fine Keisha" back! Lol 

I haven't made an hair appointment in 2 years or had my eyebrows waxed in 2 years, Before May it had been 1 year and 8 months since I had my nails done, I haven't brought myself clothes in 1 year, and I haven't brought myself makeup in 8 months. But today August 21, 2013 I;m making a pledge and promise to myself that for now on I'm going to do everything in my powers to feel Happy and Confident again.

My Pledge

I'm going to stop wearing all black everyday.
I'm going to stop wearing only boat shoes or flats.
I'm going to start doing my makeup more like I use too.
I'm going to stop using my weight as an excuse to why I don't buy myself clothes.
I'm going to buy myself at least one thing every time I get paid.
Even if I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt I will add some accessories.
I'm no longer going to wear Big over sized men shirts! 

And most important I'm going to make sure I take care of ME!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!!!

We had a really great weekend. We had another fun busy weekend that we didn't want to end! I turly enjoy my weekends with DJ and my family and when Sunday nights come I'm dreading that sound on Monday morning of my alarm clock going off at 4:15am. Last weekend DJ was called off to a fire and so I pretty much stay indoors with Niqua watching movies and pigging out. Since Mom, Princess, and Warrior are all in Louisiana enjoying their vacation before the kids start school next week it' just been Niqua and I. But this weekend DJ came home and joined us :o) Friday we had tons errands to run mostly errands for our new car! It's such a blessing we now have a car. God has been working in and through us in so many ways! We first went to the Bank, then went to get car insurance, afterwards we  had to get a smog then off to the DMV we went. So now we officially have wheels! Woooo Hoooo!!!!! I'm also really happy because I hardly ever wear makeup anymore or "fix myself up" and Friday I spent a little time on me. I flat ironed my hair, put on some accessories, and did my makeup :o) I felt pretty!
After all of our boring errands we got to the fun stuff! Lol we went out to lunch then I went to pick up some party items while DJ got some new video games after that we spent the rest of the evening cuddled up watching Netflix movies. Then at midnight we went groceries shopping. We love late night groceries shopping there are no long lines and the store is always empty. As for Saturday we had a lazy day we stayed in the whole day. DJ played his new games while I cleaned the house and cooked Mexican Cornbread. Our Godson came over which was amazing because we've missed him so we got to laugh and play with him for a couple of hours. After dropping off Rocky I then began to working on some more party stuff. I cut some tent cards, finished the centerpieces, and start assembling the paper fans for the backdrop. With only 11 days left until the party I need to get a move on things. Sunday we woke up late for church. We had literally like 10 minutes to get ready in order to be on time, so we were late to church this Sunday but I'm happy we still went and we didn't just say Oh well were already late. After church I did laundry, cooked dinner, and ended the night working on more party stuff and giving my prayer binder a makeover. You see, busy but fun!  

Me up close :-) It's been too hot to wear a weave or a
 wig so I've been rockin my natural hair!

Friday we had Mexican food for Lunch! My favorite :o)

From this...

To this... Mexican Cornbread!

Cuddled up in my sweats with the Hubs!

I probably arranged these paper fans 100 times 
before finally getting close to how I want them! Lol

Here's a little video of Rocky and I 

How was your weekend?

Movie Night & Floats!!

After running a couple of party errand all I wanted to do was relax and curl up to watch some movies! DJ was called off to work another fire so my best friend came to the rescue. We got comfy on the couch, ate our favorites, pepperoni and mushroom pizza, Nachos, and let's not forget the Rootbeer Floats. We don't drink alcohol, so I found these giant margarita glasses at the 99 cent store and thought that it would be a good idea to use them to hold our Rootbeer floats. Doesn't it look Delicious and fun for a Saturday night! We watched the movies Sprung and All Good Things. Sprung is hilarious and I've seen it like 100 times and still never get tired of it and All Good Things is shocking and suspenseful. Both great movies for a Saturday night :o)

How did you spend your Saturday night?

Friday, August 9, 2013

{Flashback Friday} Sissy's Baby Shower

Hey! Hey! Hey!

It's Flashback Fridays!

Today I'm going to flashback to my first baby shower I ever planned for my baby Sister! Out of all my Sisters I'm the most closest with my baby sister, so planning this shower was very special to me. Of course my picky sister didn't know what theme she wanted or even what colors she wanted but that's where I came in. I found a cute little It's a Girl Teddy Bear theme at Party City and went from there. The colors I picked from the Invitations were Pink and Lavender and I had to add a little Lime Green because that's my Sissy's favorite color. If I would have left the baby shower up to her the entire party would be Lime Green! Lol
For the Menu my sister just wanted wings and greens, so we picked food from back home. Greens, Beans and rice, Spaghetti, and Wings. We played a lot of fun games! Everyone couldn't stop talking and laughing about the games. Then it was on to opening presents and cake. For the cake my sister's favorite is Chocolate but we all don't share that same love of chocolate liker her so I did the cake half and half so everyone could enjoy a piece.

Mom cracking up! I love to hear her laugh
 she's the most beautiful when she laughs!

Me being the good little hostess that I am cutting the cake!

WOW! I look so young and SKINNY! 

And last but not least my beautiful sister! I thought she was glowing and Gorgeous pregnant but she felt huge and tired all the time. 

I hope you all have a Fabulous Weekend :o)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Instagram Shenanigans

Even though I haven't been blogging as much I have been posting lots on Instagram! 

Want to see more of me trying to eat healthier, my party planning, Girl time with my bestie, and just randomness then follow me on Instagram @queeniekeisha