Friday, December 27, 2013

Mardi Gras in December!

Our Mardi Gras Birthday Celebration turned out wonderful!
My Mom wanted to host a birthday celebration because my sissy and Angel baby were coming to visit from Louisiana and for all the birthdays we did not get to celebrate before the year was over. So we celebrated my Birthday, DJ's, my Sissy Red's, Auntie, and Angel Baby's birthday. My Mom wanted to cook shrimp & girts I suggested we have a Mardi Gras party. The Mardi Gras theme wasn't easy to pull off since there where hardly anything Mardi Gras in stores. It was hard to find Mardi Gras stuff in December, but I manged to pull it off. We ate, sang, danced, played games and just had an amazing time!

So here are the family pictures from our Mardi Gras Birthday Celebration

We were so happy that sissy and Angel baby were home to visit!

For drinks I made Hurricane punch and everyone really loved it! 
If you want to see the recipe click here.

Uncle Jerome got the baby in his King cake cupcake!
So he was crowned the king!

If you want to see full pictures and details visit Posh Diva Parties.

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