Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Princess and Papas are growing up so fast so it's so adorable now because they ask so many questions about everything! They are leaning more and more everyday about what Holidays mean. But this time instead of them asking all the questions I did the question asking. I asked them what does Thanksgiving mean to them and what are they thankful for.

1. What does Thanksgiving me to you?

Princess- We pray. We eat, We play games and we make sure to wipe our faces.

Papas- Eating lots of Mom's good food

2. What are you Thankful for?

Princess- I'm thankful for God, my life, my family, my teacher Mrs. Martinez, my best friend Ryann, and singing.

Papas- For my family, my Mommy, my Toys, candy, animals and Monkeys.

There answers were so cute and cracked me up!

This Thanksgiving Mom cooked all the food and I did all the decorating. We were so happy and grateful to have Bird home for Thanksgiving because for over a week Bird has been in the hospital so we were Happy she's now home and doing better. We had dinner really early this year around 12 noon due to the fact that me and my Sisters all had to work Thanksgiving night. After eating dinner we played a game called "I'm thankful for". You write down really funny things you are thankful for then place them in a bowl and we go around the room trying to guess who wrote what. We had tons of fun going around the room saying out loud things like, "I'm thankful for big girl panties" or "I'm thankful for black folks cooking".

To see full pictures of my Thanksgiving decorations visit Posh Diva Parties

Bird is feeling and doing so much better :-)

Delicious Desserts!

"I'm Thankful for" Game

Happy Thanksgiving from The Evans!

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