Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What's been going on?

What's been going on you ask?

Alot has been going on!

Things have been going wonderful at the Evans home. DJ is still going to Physical Therapy three times a week. He went from not being able to move his middle finger to now being able to slightly bend it. He's still unable to go back to work yet doctor's order but It has been a month since his surgery and I'm happy to report DJ is doing great!

As for myself as you all know I picked up a second job working part time for the Holidays. So far things have been great and work has been super busy. I'm still doing In home support service full time and also working hard at creating a party blog.
{here is the blog banner I created for my party blog}

Last week I tired to new recipes! One was Cap'n Crunch French Toast and the other was Cheddar Pepper Bacon wrapped Chicken. They were both delicious!

After being on a no-buy makeup for 2 years I finally brought myself some makeup. I'm proud of myself because before I couldn't even go a whole month without buying makeup but I learn what true dedications and putting my home and family needs before material things really means. Many of you might not know what a no-buy is but a no-buy is when you go a certain period of time without buy something that you really love. So I've been having a lot of fun playing back in my makeup!

I'm still trying to lose a few pounds even with Thanksgiving just around the corner. When I'm not at work I've been working out at home for at least an hour. I'm determined to shed some pounds. 

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