Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wash your Hands Bathroom Printable

If you don't know now you know!

We've moved again!

Yes, again!

But a really good move!

DJ and I have moved from a studio to a 1 bedroom apartment. It's in the same apartment complex so I'm still neighbors with my Grams and Mom! Yayyy!

My Mom and sisters also moved down stairs to a 3 bedroom! So the entire family is growing and increasing :-)

Thank you Lord for enlarging our territory!

I'm currently trying to decorate each room one by one on a budget.

My wonderful Mommy got me a wine rack! I've been wanting a wine rack for a long time now, but not for wine! Lol I wanted to use it in my bathroom to hold towels and my Mom surprised me with one :-)

I found this really cute bathroom printable on Pinterest. When I first saw this I knew it would look perfect next to my vase and wine rack.

You can click here if you would like this in your home as well.

Now all I need are my yellow and gray towels for my wine rack and fill my vase with a beautiful yellow bouquet of flowers.

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