Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Warrior's 5th Birthday

The plan this year was not to have a party for Papa's 5th birthday since we had a big one last year. We had only set out to have cake and ice cream. At 3 PM my sister ran to my hours and asked did I have any Monster University decorations and I said I have some items. She then asked me to decorate down stairs! So at 3pm Mom and I started decorating, cleaning, cooking while my sister ran to the store for things to make chili cheese dogs, punch, and chips. We literally planned his birthday party in 3 hours! Who does things like that but us. Friends and Family wanted to come over to shower Papas with gifts and we didn't want them to leave with empty stomachs or empty hands. I know planning a party in 3 hours sounds crazy but it was all worth it to see Papas face light up when he came home. The kids danced to the cupid shuffle and Cha Cha slide then they got to spray silly string and just goof off wearing Sulley mask. The kids had so much fun! We munched on Chili Cheese Dogs and then had yummy cake and Ice cream. The cake was half chocolate and vanilla. For drinks we had blue Gatorade {papa's favorite}.

Not bad for only 3 hours right?? 

We needed favors fast and these were only 25 cent at Walmart! 
They made great favors for the kids to take home!

Birthday boy and Mom


Papa sprayed us all with Silly string!

Even me and DJ got sprayed!

We love this little boy so much!

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