Thursday, October 17, 2013

Job Interview: Retail but without the Shopping!

For 7 years I worked in Retail and to be honest I found myself getting tired of it. Last year, I finally got out of retail and into Home health care. My retail days were over!!!

Well I thought my retail days were over! At my sister's job there having Friends & Family and what that is you can recommend any of your friends and family to work with for the Holidays. So an opportunity came up for me to work a second job part time. Of course I jumped on the opportunity  because who wouldn't want extra money around the Holidays. This will also help us out since our income has changed due to the fact DJ is still on workers comp. 

My interview was this Wednesday and I think it went pretty good.

So, it's back to Retail but without the shopping! So for all of you who are going to be doing the shopping enjoy the retail therapy :-)

This is how I looked for my job interview! 

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