Friday, September 20, 2013

ER Visit

Wednesdaay started off great my bestie Christina came over for a visit after work and we went out to grab lunch. After lunch we headed to the store to grab our favorite naked juices and to pick up some Salmon so I could cook dinner then I got the worst phone call. My sissy Niqua called and said DJ had an accident at work and he had to get rushed to the hospital. I started freaking out and crying.She said she wasn't really sure what happened. All she knew was that he cut 3 of his fingers really bad and he had to get stitches. I immeditally called DJ to find out what happened. A headger slipped out his hand at work and sliced his 3 fingers. He cut his mussel tissue and a blood visual and they had to give him 30 stitches. Of course I'm a big cry baby so all I could do was cry. I didn't want to operate out of fear or let Dj know I was worried I wanted to be strong so I tried to hold it in. DJ was in the ER for over 4 hours and came home with 30 stitches and a cast. He has to take time off of work and later has to go back and get surgery on his fingers. Then from there physical theriphy. Were just so thankful he did not lose his fingers or his hand. We've been praying together over his hand for healing and a speedy recovery. When DJ came home of course I had to baby my baby. First, Mom, all my Sisters, Princess, Warrior, my cousins, Grandma, and Uncle Russell wanted to come over and see if DJ was okay you know how we roll! DJ was so sad because he just recently got a permotion and Sunday he was suppose to leave for Leadership training then next month start his new position. Now that his hand is injuryed he was scared and sad he messed up his promotion. We all talked it over and prayed and leaving it in God's hands. Whatever God has planned for us know man can take it away!
After everyone left so DJ could rest I fixed him dinner, gave him his medication and he fell asleep. My hurting baby went to sleep at 6pm and sleep for 10 hours straight. I'm glad he got to get rest and sleep good.

Thursday was a new day! He's been taking his meds and woke up happy and refreshed :-) He didn't want to stay in the house and feel sad so he asked me if he could take me out to lunch. He's so caring! He's hurt but wanted to take me to lunch.

I'm happy he's not in pain and he is not going to feel sad or defeated!!!

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