Friday, September 20, 2013

Princess 5th Birthday Pictures

As you all know I love to share family pictures from my parties as well. So here are the family pictures of everyone who attended Princess' Birthday party!

Princess and her Best Friend Ryann


ER Visit

Wednesdaay started off great my bestie Christina came over for a visit after work and we went out to grab lunch. After lunch we headed to the store to grab our favorite naked juices and to pick up some Salmon so I could cook dinner then I got the worst phone call. My sissy Niqua called and said DJ had an accident at work and he had to get rushed to the hospital. I started freaking out and crying.She said she wasn't really sure what happened. All she knew was that he cut 3 of his fingers really bad and he had to get stitches. I immeditally called DJ to find out what happened. A headger slipped out his hand at work and sliced his 3 fingers. He cut his mussel tissue and a blood visual and they had to give him 30 stitches. Of course I'm a big cry baby so all I could do was cry. I didn't want to operate out of fear or let Dj know I was worried I wanted to be strong so I tried to hold it in. DJ was in the ER for over 4 hours and came home with 30 stitches and a cast. He has to take time off of work and later has to go back and get surgery on his fingers. Then from there physical theriphy. Were just so thankful he did not lose his fingers or his hand. We've been praying together over his hand for healing and a speedy recovery. When DJ came home of course I had to baby my baby. First, Mom, all my Sisters, Princess, Warrior, my cousins, Grandma, and Uncle Russell wanted to come over and see if DJ was okay you know how we roll! DJ was so sad because he just recently got a permotion and Sunday he was suppose to leave for Leadership training then next month start his new position. Now that his hand is injuryed he was scared and sad he messed up his promotion. We all talked it over and prayed and leaving it in God's hands. Whatever God has planned for us know man can take it away!
After everyone left so DJ could rest I fixed him dinner, gave him his medication and he fell asleep. My hurting baby went to sleep at 6pm and sleep for 10 hours straight. I'm glad he got to get rest and sleep good.

Thursday was a new day! He's been taking his meds and woke up happy and refreshed :-) He didn't want to stay in the house and feel sad so he asked me if he could take me out to lunch. He's so caring! He's hurt but wanted to take me to lunch.

I'm happy he's not in pain and he is not going to feel sad or defeated!!!

Last week {photo dump}

Last week...

I turned 27!
me and DJ on my birthday

I didn't lazy cook! Lol

I did my nails!
I use to polish my nails once away but since I wash dishes everyday polish no longer stays on my nails. so we haven't been friends lately but I wanted to feel girly so I did them.

Tuesday my Sissy brought me the BEST salad ever! It was Crab and Shrimp salad and it was delicious!

I started partying shopping for Warrior's 5th birthday and working on my long list of DIY projects. The first project his name.

Wednesday we had a big scare and a ER visit. My poor baby :-(
Thank you God for health, speedy recovering and healing by Friday DJ was pain free and feeling better.
He was feel so good the next day he wanted to go out for lunch and we even did a little shopping.

Friday we went to the Fair and had so much fun.

And Sunday we attend Church :-)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The week of... {Photo dump}

The week of Princess party was Hectic!  

I usually like to get everything down 2-3 days before the big party day but this time it didn't happen!!!

The ENTIRE week I did lazy cooking. Whenever I cook in my crockpot I call it lazy cooking. you just throw everything in the crockpot, turn it on and get back to lifetime movie network! Lol ;-D
It wasn't by choice to be honest but I'm glad DJ suggested it. On Sunday evening I cooked Riblets in the crockpot and DJ feel in love. So when I went to cook dinner Monday night he said to me, "Uh Baby can you please baby please cook that chicken in the crockpot like you did those ribs because you put your foot in those ribs." I crack up laughing just thinking about how he said it. Tuesday night he wanted me to cook in the crockpot again! So I just gave in and cooked in the crockpot all week. At the time I didn't want to do it but in the end it helped me out alot and I was able to getting alot of packing and party prepping done. Thanks Hubby :-D

I finally received all of my party goods in the mail. Our little studio apartment has been over flowing with packages.

The last two party items I got in the mail were a handmade Big Book of Boo Boos and a custom Doc Mcstuffins headband. They were so adorable and Princess was so excited :-)

The cookies came Friday the day before the party and they were so freakin cute :-) We couldn't stop looking at them all evening and gushing over them. Jennifer from Sugary Sweet Cupcakes and Treats did such an amazing job!

Friday I was up all night finishing up 16 goodie bags and gluing over 30 tiny glittered hearts on to bandaids to place in the goodie bags. It was tidouse but a labor of love all for my Princess! I even did a mock set up to see how it would look at the party!

Let's just hope the week of Warriors party goes alot smoother!

The Cherry on Top!

A couple of weeks ago after church it was extremely hot and we didn't want to sit in the house! 

So we made a trip to Cherry on Top for some frozen yogurt.

Were huge fans of frozen yogurt especially the kids it's there favorite :o)

I absolutely love the cherry lights hanging inside!

I had Cake batter frozen yogurt and added Bananas, coconut, nuts, and brownies

DJ had white chocolate chips, cookies, almonds, and a cherry on top!

What do you like to add to your frozen yogurt?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Girly Doc Mcstuffins Party

My 5 year old niece is a girly girl, she takes after me and one thing she loves more than getting her nails and hair done is Doc Mcstuffins. Ever since Doc Mcstuffins first aired on Disney Jr she had been in love! After a while I knew no other theme would work not even her favorite song, "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" or her favorite movie, Rescuers. I could so see a Vintage style Rescuers party! Lol 
But we went with the theme "Doc McNauyauna" and the color scheme was her favorite colors Pink and Purple. I also through in a little Turquoise. My source of inspiration for the party was based off of Doc Mcstuffins flower headband and the fact that Princess loves headbands and hair bows. Throughout the entire party I knew I wanted the likeness of Doc Mcstuffins pink flower and purple glitter headband. I first wanted to start with the printables. I wanted to finally work with Chevron print and that's where Printables by Fer came in! Printables by Fer create some printables for me and they took my vision of chevron print and flowers and made it by far better than I could envision. They did a fabulous job!
Jennifer of sugary Sweet Cupcakes and Treats was able to match her gorgeous cookies to the printables perfectly. Our local bakery, Royalty Cakes created a very girly Doc Mcstuffins cake. 

I must say I'm no longer a fan of outdoor parties. I love Sunshine, clouds, and just being outdoors but I'm realizing not when your a party planner. Just like my last party absolutely nothing stayed down. Every time I placed something on the tables it blew it away. I spent most of my time chasing after flower confetti, plates, and anything else you can think about. I had cute and girly table settings but before the guest arrived I had to remove everything off the tables. So your the lucky one you get to see the girly table settings that no one saw :-)

Every great party starts with the Invitations! 

To girly up the invitations I added glitter paper 
and for the Envelopes I added purple glitter ribbon 
and a pink flower to resemble Doc Mcstuffins Headband.

Table Setting

The table settings included plates, napkins, wooden forks, french square bottle 
with the Doc Mcstuffins scrapbook paper as placemats. 
I made table runners with the extra fabric left over from 
the backdrop and spreaded glitter flower confetti all over the tables. 


Doc Mcstuffin Activities
This is one of the activities we had at the party. Time for your Check-up Checklist sheets. 

The kids also got to play Bingo. I found a custom 
Doc Mcstuffins Bingo games with her name on it!


Welcome Table
I purchased a handmade Big Book of Boo Boos and used it as a guests sign
 in book and had each guests sign it and leave Princess a sweet message!

The Dessert table inclueded Cookies, Cupcakes, 
Macarons, Gumballs, and the 
Birthday Diva's favorite Powder donuts!

Time for your Check-up Cookies

I Feel better French Macarons

You could use a cuddle Cupcakes

Guests sipped on Yummy Pink Lemonade!

Princess absolutely loved her cookies
 created by Sugary Sweet Cupcakes and Treats! 


Princess wearing her custom Doc Mcstuffins Headband 
and custom Birthday tutu she loved them so much!

We had all Princess favorites! Her cake was white cake with cream cheese and strawberries. The Menu included all her favorite foods we had Baked and Fried Chicken, Macaroni 'n Cheese, Green Salad, Watermelon, and Rolls. For the drinks we had Pink Lemonade and Princess loves Sweet Tea. I didn't get a picture of the goodie bags or the food but the goodie bags were awesome :-) 

We made girl bags and boy bags. The girls took home Apples, Doctor kits from Target, Doc Mcstuffins Jump ropes, Doc Mcstuffins Blowouts, and Bubbles. The boys bags included the same things but instead of Doc Mcstuffins jump ropes I gave them blue balls I found at Target. Here's a little mock set that I did at my house for the goodie bags.

From the printables, to the cookies, and cake everything came together perfectly thanks to my talented vendors. A huge Thank you to all my Family, Friends, my Sister for letting me plan my niece's party, and all my vendors for helping me make my niece very girly Doc Mcstuffins party extra special!

Party Styling & Concept: Posh Diva Parties
Party Printables and custom Poster: Printables by Fer
Cake: Royalty Cakes
Doc Mcstuffins Cookies: Sugary Sweet Cookies
Doc Mcstuffins Wooden spoons & forks: Sugar Coated Studio
Custom Big Book of Boo Boos: Just a Little Favor Shop
Doc Mcstuffins Scrapbook paper: Lane and May
Doc Mcstuffins custom Headband: Isn't That Cute
Doc Mcstuffins Tutu Birthday Outfit: Pretty as a Princess 2
Chevron Paper Straws: The Pink Picker
Purple Chevron Paper Bags: Freakn Sweet Shop
Time for your Check-up Checklist sheets: Stampin Fanatic
Doc Mcstuffins Bingo Game: YummiliciousTreats
Doc Mcstuffins Plates, Cups, Blowouts, Jump ropes, Napkins, and Tablecloths: Parties4kids