Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Were Mobile!

Yes, The Evans are finally mobile again!

God is so Good! He keeps blessing us each and every day!

We lost our car last year when we moved and for 10 months straight we walked, caught the bus, borrowed Grams car, and asked my Mom for rides to now having our own car :o)

We saved, paid our tithes, and everyday said, "Thank you God for our new car"

We truly believe that if your heart desires something then you have to speak to it and see it before you see it. {I hope that makes sense} 
We saw our car before we "really" saw it.

DJ was trying to wash the car and of course our shadows wanted to help :o)
It was so cute because Princess would tell us everyday when she got money that she was going to buy her Tee tee mama and Uncle BJ a new car, so when she found out we were getting a car she was so happy.
Now she says since we have a car she's going to buy us a big house! She loves to give and has a heart of Gold!

What are the wonderful things God has been doing in your life? I would love to hear :o)

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