Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Doc is officially in!

Life has been crazy busy for the Evans! Many blessings but Busy!

I apologize for the lack of blogging I've been working on Princess Doc Mcstuffins party and getting my registration together for school. Yes, after taking a little break (a whole year lol) I'm going back to school this Fall. Yayy me! Lol 

DJ got called to another fire and was gone for 10 days straight. He's now back home safe, he got back last Thursday so it's been a week since he been home and I couldn't be more HAPPY :o)

Even though we are no longer going on our annual August vacation this year I'm happy for all the other blessings God has been bring in our home and family!

The Doc is officially in!

As you can see I just finished the invitations and envelopes for Princess' Party. 

I still can't believe my little Princess is going to be 5 years old and going to Kindergarten. I can hardly believe it!
She is so unique in more ways then one and it's so cute everyday she waits for the mailman to brings something for her party :o) She's super excited!!! To be honest the whole family is excited. My two nieces, Princess and Birdy both want to be Doctors and Doc Mcstuffins is such a positive role model for both of them, so I was thrilled when Princess asked for a Doc Mcstuffins party. 

Even though I've been working on her party for a month and a half it's the little details and little projects I have to work on next. I already did most of my online shopping so that list is checked and completed. I'm currently in a process of making a project list now! With only 3 weeks left I need to get started because I want something extra special for Princesses special day.

So back to Joanna's and Hobby Lobby I go! Next Friday my Sister and I plan to have a CRAFT PARTY! Yayy! I'm excited because they always joke about how all I do is cut cardstock and glue stuff and it's a piece of cake, so it was funny when she saw all work and time it took me to do the invitations. Hahaha so it's going to be fun to see her "just cut cardstock and glue stuff" next week. 

That's all for my little update! The Doc is out :-D


  1. Love the invites! Can't wait to see the rest. Your blog looks great and very clean. It's giving me the motivation to do a serious overhaul. :-)

    1. Thank you so much Monique! It means alot to me I've been a huge fan of your work and I adore everything you create :o) Your parties are phenomenal!