Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Movie Night & Floats!!

After running a couple of party errand all I wanted to do was relax and curl up to watch some movies! DJ was called off to work another fire so my best friend came to the rescue. We got comfy on the couch, ate our favorites, pepperoni and mushroom pizza, Nachos, and let's not forget the Rootbeer Floats. We don't drink alcohol, so I found these giant margarita glasses at the 99 cent store and thought that it would be a good idea to use them to hold our Rootbeer floats. Doesn't it look Delicious and fun for a Saturday night! We watched the movies Sprung and All Good Things. Sprung is hilarious and I've seen it like 100 times and still never get tired of it and All Good Things is shocking and suspenseful. Both great movies for a Saturday night :o)

How did you spend your Saturday night?

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