Sunday, July 21, 2013

Preschool Flip Flop Graduation Gift

It's official my babies graduated Preschool and I was over joyed!

They were so excited to learn what Summer and graduation means, but they were even more excited finally to just wear shorts and flip flops all Summer long. Lol

I decide for a cute graduation gift to give them would be flip flops and I made a little tag saying:

Were doing "Flips" that you've graduated! 
Love Always,
Tee tee Mama and Uncle BJ

(Lol that's what they call us. When they were little they couldn't say DJ so they have always called him BJ and they say I'm there Tee tee aka Auntie and their mommy too)

I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer!


  1. Cute gift idea & Tee Tee Mama is so precious! I still call my grandma's sister Aunt Nanna to this day because when I was younger I would hear my cousins calling her Nanna but I knew she was my aunt. lol

    1. Aww Thank you Jessica :o) Aww that is so sweet you still call her Aunt Nanna! I think it's so cute when kids hear other kids call someone by a certain name and they call them the same name :o)