Thursday, July 25, 2013

Perfect 4th!

I hope everyone had a great 4th!

With August approaching I'm barely posting 4th of July pictures! Shame on me! Lol

I've been busying with work, trying to re-enroll in school again, and working on Princess' Doc Mcstuffins Party... So I've been very busy.

We had a lot of fun this year. It was a very small and inimate get together. Just Mom, Dad, DJ, Sissies, Princess, Warrior and I. 

Mom cooked and we ate! Lol

We watched movies all day and then at night watched the fireworks from the house.

It was a perfect 4th!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Preschool Flip Flop Graduation Gift

It's official my babies graduated Preschool and I was over joyed!

They were so excited to learn what Summer and graduation means, but they were even more excited finally to just wear shorts and flip flops all Summer long. Lol

I decide for a cute graduation gift to give them would be flip flops and I made a little tag saying:

Were doing "Flips" that you've graduated! 
Love Always,
Tee tee Mama and Uncle BJ

(Lol that's what they call us. When they were little they couldn't say DJ so they have always called him BJ and they say I'm there Tee tee aka Auntie and their mommy too)

I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Still Clean Eating!

Yes, The Evans are still clean eating!

I'm happy to say it's been 4 weeks and were going strong!!!

I'm not sure if were 80% or 90% clean eating due to the fact Monday through Friday we eat clean. Then on the Weekends we eat out. It may not works for others but it balances us out.

Here are some meals and snacks photos of what we've been eating!

Snack- Greek yogurt with Berries and granola 

Breakfast- Kashi go lean cereal with bananas and strawberries

Lunch- Baked Talipia with Salad and pear slices 

Breakfast- Cinnamon raisin toast with Blueberries, Banana, Almonds, and cinnamon

Breakfast- Oatmeal with Blueberries

Lunch- Baked Fish, Salad, and Baked sweet potatoe 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Budget friendly Monkey Theme Baby Shower Drink Station

Last week I got the opportunity to help decorate a baby shower. My Mom and her best friends plan and decorated the entire shower and I was asked to make the punch for the shower. So of course I had to take it upon myself and decorate the entire drink station. And dress the drinks! :o) 

Ya'll know me I can't resist decorating anything! I wasn't going to only make punch.

I going to to show you how to decorate a drink station with less than $10.

First always look and see what you have at home. Make sure to always keep mason jars and a Drink Dispenser always handy for parties.

The mason jars, Drink dispenser, Safari fabric, and paper straws I already had at my house so those items were free.

Look for affordable details that will make your drink station pop but not your wallet.

I wanted to add little hanging monkeys so I paid $1.00 for the Raffia twine and used it to tie around the mason jars. I brought the little monkeys from the Dollar store and then used lime green paint that I already had at my house to paint them. I wanted to add the baby's name to the drink station but the mama to be didn't want to reveal the baby's name just yet so I got letters from Micheal's to spell out the word baby. Each letter only cost .54 cents and then I used brown paint from my house. The picture frame that held the baby's ultrasound picture cost only $1.00 from the Dollar store and the stickers were also a $1.00 too. I then painted the frame with the same Lime paint I used on the little hanging monkeys. The little monkey I added on the drink dispenser was also .54 cent.

Now focus on the punch or signature drink!

To make sure it's budget friendly find a drink recipe that doesn't have a long list of ingredients find something that has less than 3 ingredients.  For the punch I made I only used Lemonade and Sprite my favorite two combination. I paid $2.99 for the Country Time Lemonade and $1.00 for the sprite.

So my grand total came out to be: $9.69

Celeste loved the mason jars so much she asked me if she could keep her cup and of course I let her take it home :o)

TA-DA! There you have it a drink station under $10.

I hope this was help!

Celeste's Baby Shower

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend my good friend, Celeste's baby shower. She's having a baby boy!

Auntie Tonia, Auntie Dee Dee, and Mom planned the entire shower and did an amazing job! My Auntie Tonia asked me to make the punch for the shower so I then took it upon myself to design a drink station. The theme of the baby shower was a playful and colorful jungle theme and Celeste loves monkey. The baby shower was catered  so we munched on yummy tacos and had tons of sweets. 

Celeste wanted Taco and what the Mommy wants the mommy gets! Lol

The Mommy-to-be and the Party Planners

me and the proud mama to be!

me not looking! lol

I haven't been to a baby shower in awhile and this one was filled with lots of Love :o) Everyone showered Celeste with tons of blessings and love. I'm so happy for my good friend and I can't wait to meet Baby Winters!