Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Round 2 Clean Eating!!!

Yes you read it right. Giving Clean Eating a Second Try!

Me and the hubs tried clean eating back in February and we didn't lose any weight so we through our hands in the air and gave up.

I really dislike that we did that and then April and May we ate horribly and started gaining weight. :(

But now I'm Happy to say where back clean eating again! 

Yes, where giving it another try and this time were doing it RIGHT!

We've been researching recipes and really learning what clean eating is and all about. Now that we have a better understanding of what were suppose to putting in our bodies and what were not suppose to put in our bodies where giving it a Round 2!

 Round 1 I didn't know what I was suppose to buy and  Heck I didn't even know what meal prepping was! I'm proud to say Sunday was my first time meal prepping and it was successful. Meal prepping not only prepares you for the week ahead, it helps you stay on track and eat the right foods. 

I want to share our journey because I want to help others that was just as lost as I was first starting out clean eating. It's still a learning process for us, but you all can learn with us! 

I will be posting a Clean Eating Shopping List very soon so come back and visit :)

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