Thursday, May 23, 2013

{Parties} Flintstones Inspired Party

Yayyy! It finally happened! Every year my sweet cousin, Linda asked me to plan her boy's birthday party but it never happens, well this year it finally happened! She's from a small town in Louisiana and wanted something different for a party theme. She said she took one look at her boys and thought little caveman and wanted the theme to be The Flintstones. I must admit this was my favorite theme to plan. I know I need something things custom made because lets be honest theirs not much out there for a Flintstones party. So I started with the tabledrop. The fabulous Catalina from Linckids created the cutest tabledrop and it looked amazing. For the color scheme I wanted to focus on Fred and Barney so I went with the colors Brown, Orange, and Blue. The custom printables were created by the very sweet and talented Krissy from Woods Design Studio. She did an exceptional job on everything. I wanted the printables to be just Fred and Barney since they were my focal point of the party.

The invitations set the tone of the party. The same bone cut out I used on the invitations I also used on the backdrop and as well as the twine on the invitations I used through out the entire party on the banners, napkins rolls, treat boxes, and rice krispies treat pops.

To carry out the theme I also used the bone cut outs on photos on the boys and I used the boys initials by there photos.

Party Food
The boys love macaroni 'n cheese and fried chicken so I knew I had to add that to the menu. After I created the menu around the boys favorites I of course add some cute food names. That's my favorite part to represent the characters in the food.

Barney Burgers (Chesseburgers)
Bamm Bamm Clubs (Drumsticks)
Dino Dogs (Hot dogs)
Fred Fries (French fries)
Fruity Pebbles (Fruit salad)
Betty's Macaroni 'n chesse
Wilma's Potato Salad
Baby Puss Claws (Bungle chips)

Barney Burgers

Bamm Bamm Clubs

Dino Dogs

Fred's Fries

Fruity Pebbles

Betty's Macaroni 'n cheese 

Wilma's Potato Salad

Baby Puss Claws

As you can see we had an abundance of food and all the boys favorites.

For the drinks I wanted to keep it simple and of course you know I love signature drinks so I created an Orange punch called Fred's Fruit Punch and served mini water bottles.

 For the Fred's Fruit Punch I used Hawaiian Punch in Orange Ocean and
 mixed it with Rainbow sherbet and Ginger ale. 

Each box had dinosaur toys, bowling trophies, and the kids got to add all there sweet treats from the candy buffet.

Candy Buffet

For the backdrop I used brown fabric and found a great DIY tutorial for paper rosettes and so I made a couple of paper rosettes and attached them to the fabric backdrop. I then added the custom Happy Birthday banner that was created by Woods Design Studio and some bones. I added a few Flintstones characters around the table. Another diy project I created was Dino eggs. I used Easter eggs and spray painted them purple and then painted black spots to resemble dino's spots.

For the sweets to make the candy buffet affordable I mixed custom sweets with store brought. I made the chocolate dipped pretzels and rice krispies treats the night before. I ordered the Flintstones lollipops and Chocolate rocks and purchase the cupcakes, gumballs, donuts, and tootsie rolls.

To see full pictures of the candy buffet and details click here.

For the cake we wanted it to resemble the colors of the party and the invitations so we 
ordered an edible image from Amazon that 
matched the photo from the invitations perfectly!

For the centerpieces I found red buckets from the Dollar store and spray painted them purple and add black spots just as I did the eggs. 

For Activities we had alot of outdoor activities for the kids to run around and do. We got a Bounce house and held a Bedrock Bowling tournament. I printed out coloring pages of the Flintstones for the kids to paint and we even had water so they could run wild like little caveman and get wet. My favorite part was seeing all the kids running around playing, laughing, and having a good time!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone that helped bring this party together and making it Fab!!! Catalina from Linckids, Krissy form Woods Design Studio, and My cousin, Linda for 5 months of emailing, texting, and calling each other back and forward, late night party prepping, and for allowing me to plan Ka'leb and Ja'Qualyn's birthday party.

Party Concept & Styling: Posh Diva Parties
Printables: Woods Design Studio
Tabledrop: Linckids
Flintstones Lollipops: Rottie Princess
Chocolate Rocks: Grandma Rubys
Flintstone Figuers: Toys 'R Us
Plates, cups, napkins, and ballons: Plates and Napkins
Purchases from Amazon: Edible Cake Image
Party Decor: Target (Blue Paper straws)
Party Decor: Oriental Trading (Gable Boxes and Bowling Set)
Party Decor: Party City (Blue paper fans and baby blue wrapping paper0
Party Decor: Hobby Lobby (Leaves and Burlap fabric)
Party Decor: Dollar Tree (Buckets, Rocks, and Easter eggs)


  1. This has to be my absolute favorite post. I LOVEEEE this party. You did an awesome job sis!

  2. Wow! Not many Flintstone parties out here. You did a fabulous Job. Love all the details