Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Late Mother's Day Dinner 2013

On Mother's Day we all had plans to attend church then after Church go out to eat but that morning Mom woke up at 7 AM in pure pain. Her whole body ached and her throat was sore. We were really worried and rushed her to the ER. So, Mother's Day we spent in the ER with Mom. They gave her some antibiotics and then after a couple of hours they her go home. They doctor said that Mom had a sinus infection, so the simple could that we taught she had got worst and spread to an infection. When she got home we gave her a breathing treatment and her meds and allowed her to get some rest. When I made it back Wednesday from my mini vacation we wanted to take Mom out to eat before Bible Study for a late Mother's Day dinner. We went to one of our favorites El Toritos.

Mom on Mother's Day with her two very helpful nurses

Were a huge salsa family! We had 3 bowls of chips and salsa before the food even came!

Yummy Mexican Food!

Please excuse the fact that I don't have makeup on and 
my hair is not did after 40 hours on a
 train I wasn't trying to do all of that! 

Were so Happy Mom is all smiles and doing better!

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

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