Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{DIY} No-Sew Kitchen Curtains

My poor love nest! I've been neglecting it so much. 

I finally showed it some love and made some curtains for my kitchen. We moved in December of last year and I have a long list of home d.i.y projects and a even longer shopping list of things I need to get for our love nest and I'm now finally getting to those projects.

When we moved in the kitchen already had so curtains hanging up and I just left them up even though I thought they were ugly -_-

Here were my kitchen curtains before


What you will need:
1. 2 yards of Fabric {I used dasmak print fabric}
2. Stitch Witchery {a short girls best friend}
3. Iron
4. Scissors
5. Measuring Tape
6. Towel
7. Glue gun

Step 1: I first measured the fabric 45" inches Length and 33" inches Width. I didn't need to do any cutting on this step because the 2 yards fabric measured perfectly.

Step 2: I then folded the fabric in half to create 2 sides and then I cut it straight up the middle. After cutting the fabric I then plugged up the iron so that it could heat up.

Step 3: Next, I folded the edges to clean them up and make them look neat. After folding the edges I then went back and add the stitch witchery inside the folded fabric. 

Step 4: Place the towel underneath the fabric and then begin to press down and stream the fabric so that the stitch witchery gets hot like glue and melts together.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 on all 3 sides of the both sheets of fabric

{It should look like this}

Step 6: Take the top part and fold it over to make a loop. This loop is for the curtain rod. This is where you will use your hot glue gun. I then glued the bottom part of the loop to the fabric.

Step 7: I placed the curtain rod through the loop and then my curtains were all done.

Here are my new kitchen curtains!!!! 

A little plain but I plan to add some yellow flowers and jazz them up.

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