Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{DIY} No-Sew Kitchen Curtains

My poor love nest! I've been neglecting it so much. 

I finally showed it some love and made some curtains for my kitchen. We moved in December of last year and I have a long list of home d.i.y projects and a even longer shopping list of things I need to get for our love nest and I'm now finally getting to those projects.

When we moved in the kitchen already had so curtains hanging up and I just left them up even though I thought they were ugly -_-

Here were my kitchen curtains before


What you will need:
1. 2 yards of Fabric {I used dasmak print fabric}
2. Stitch Witchery {a short girls best friend}
3. Iron
4. Scissors
5. Measuring Tape
6. Towel
7. Glue gun

Step 1: I first measured the fabric 45" inches Length and 33" inches Width. I didn't need to do any cutting on this step because the 2 yards fabric measured perfectly.

Step 2: I then folded the fabric in half to create 2 sides and then I cut it straight up the middle. After cutting the fabric I then plugged up the iron so that it could heat up.

Step 3: Next, I folded the edges to clean them up and make them look neat. After folding the edges I then went back and add the stitch witchery inside the folded fabric. 

Step 4: Place the towel underneath the fabric and then begin to press down and stream the fabric so that the stitch witchery gets hot like glue and melts together.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 on all 3 sides of the both sheets of fabric

{It should look like this}

Step 6: Take the top part and fold it over to make a loop. This loop is for the curtain rod. This is where you will use your hot glue gun. I then glued the bottom part of the loop to the fabric.

Step 7: I placed the curtain rod through the loop and then my curtains were all done.

Here are my new kitchen curtains!!!! 

A little plain but I plan to add some yellow flowers and jazz them up.

Late Mother's Day Dinner 2013

On Mother's Day we all had plans to attend church then after Church go out to eat but that morning Mom woke up at 7 AM in pure pain. Her whole body ached and her throat was sore. We were really worried and rushed her to the ER. So, Mother's Day we spent in the ER with Mom. They gave her some antibiotics and then after a couple of hours they her go home. They doctor said that Mom had a sinus infection, so the simple could that we taught she had got worst and spread to an infection. When she got home we gave her a breathing treatment and her meds and allowed her to get some rest. When I made it back Wednesday from my mini vacation we wanted to take Mom out to eat before Bible Study for a late Mother's Day dinner. We went to one of our favorites El Toritos.

Mom on Mother's Day with her two very helpful nurses

Were a huge salsa family! We had 3 bowls of chips and salsa before the food even came!

Yummy Mexican Food!

Please excuse the fact that I don't have makeup on and 
my hair is not did after 40 hours on a
 train I wasn't trying to do all of that! 

Were so Happy Mom is all smiles and doing better!

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Our Memorial Day weekend started off great. I got back Wednesday from my mini vacation so I spent Thursday and Friday spending time with my Honey Bunny, DJ then Saturday morning DJ got called out to another fire. This is his third fire he got called to this month. I'm very thankful that we got to spend some quality time together because when he's called to a fire we never know how long he's going to be gone. Saturday with my sisters at work and DJ called out it left just Mom, the kids, and I. We decided since the day was so beautiful we took the kids to the park. We didn't tell the kids where we were taking them. We just took them to get ice cream then as we pulled up to the park they screamed with excitement! At the park it was a birthday party going on and the families there began singing praise and worship music and it was so beautiful Mom and I sung along while we watched the kids play. Our Saturday was really good at the park and Sunday we attend Church. Monday we had a really laid back but fun Memorial Day. We attend a Splashpad park and it was alot of fun. Mom and I got there super early at 8am so we could get a good spot and I'm so glad we did because the park was packed later that day. We got wet, ate yummy Hot links and potato salad, and I made some yummy chocolate covered pretzels. This year Memorial Day was Men-less! Auntie Tonia sons and DJ were called off to the fire, her husband was at work, and my step-dad didn't want to leave the house and neither did any of my uncles so it was just us Girls. I can't wait until next year when the whole family can get together for Memorial Day.


khi khi the warrior & princess looked so dapper at Church!

He never goes anywhere without Shadow!

Memorial Day

Mom loves to get wet! I think that's why my sisters, the kids and I love water so much :o)

Happy Memorial Day from The Evans!