Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekend Recap + Photo Dump

As always we had another busy weekend. Cleaning, Party Planning, Cooking, Running errands! And on top of that it was Easter weekend and I have less than 2 weeks for my Tinkerbell party. So I was trying to finish all the last minute finishing touches on everything and prepare for Easter at the same time. Even though we had a productive weekend we manged to have some fun on Friday. Friday night DJ, my sister Niqua and I saw the Tyler Perry movie Temptation. I highly recommend every married couples to see this movie because I know it will be an eye opener for alot of people. It was a really great movie. Marriage is a very important bond that you have with your husband and should never be broken. Temptation is all around but if you don't give in to temptation and allow those doors to open then the enemy can't come into your marriage. 

Saturday I went to Target because I can not resist there $1 sections Lol  I was looking for something that was budget friendly and that I can place my party stuff into. I'm trying to organzie my party stuff because DJ says it taking over the whole house. And he's telling the truth too! I found the perfect boxes for only $1.00 each. They also came in my favorite colors so that was a plus :o)

I cooked a Roast for the first time. Yes, I'm 26 years old and I barely learned how to cook a roast. Mom told me to add any seasoning or vegtables I wanted and just let cook for 1-2 hours. I did just that and DJ LOVED it! It was so tender and just falling apart. So Yayyyy now I know how to cook a Roast.

Even though I'm currently finishing up the last items for my Tinkerbell party I had no choice but to start working on my Flintstones party as well. The mail man showed up to the house with my custom flintstone tabledrop. I never thought I would be so happy to see the mail man. I was jumping up and down with excitement and as you can tell from the look on DJ's face in the picture he was excited the tabledrop is here too. Saturday night instead of prepping for Easter (I'll telling you with all this party planning Easter crepped up on me this year.) I started working on the flintstone invitaions. I really loved the way they came out. After I finished two just to test them out I sent pictures to my cousin and she loved them :o) So, two down and twenty more to go! Not only did I get the tabledrop I also got to see a proof of the water bottle labels. Dont they look so adorable?

At church, On Easter my Pastor handed out to us these pens that says, "2013 is the greatest year of your life!" I love this pen because everyday when I pray I confess that "2013 is going to be the greatest year of our life" and to now get to look at this pen everyday it just makes my confession of faith so much closer to me.

Easter was so really fun and I will post photos very soon. I hope you all not only had a great weekend but a great Easter as well.


  1. Hi there! Just stumbled across your blog via someone who Blog Hops. Good readings here! Will be following you.

    Candy Rachelle

    1. Awww Thank you so much Candy :-D

      I just checked out your blog too and I will definitely be following!

  2. Why aren't you a busy busy lady these days!? lol. I can't wait to see all of these parties come together completely. (: I cook roasts & vegetables in the crock pot whenever I make one. I'm starting to think I may need to go see Temptation now. I was hesitant because Tyler Perry movies aren't my favorite but everyone's raving about this movie.

    1. Tyler Perry are not my favorite movies either they are so predictable but DJ really wanted to go see it and I'm glad we did because I ended up loving it.

      That sounds so good vegetables and roast in a crock pot. Next time I cook at roast I'm going to try that.