Monday, April 15, 2013

{Parties} Tinkerbell Party

Saturday we celebrated my cousin's 9th birthday party. I finally get to show you the party that I've been working on for months and you get to see all the DIY projects I've been working on at the party. What could go wrong did! The wind was blowing so hard, one of the centerpieces shattered and broke, all the tent labels, plates, and napkins were blowing away and eventually we had to start taping down everything! After almost 2 hours the wind finally stopped blowing. So the party got a late start but when it did start the kids had a lot of fun!

Here is the welcome sign and Invitations 
(Lol I had to hold down the invitations nothing was safe with the wind)

The Birthday Banner and Tutu table skirt


The one centerpiece that survived and the kid's setting table. 

The menu for the party was a light lunch.

Pixie Hollow Garden Lunch Menu

Silvermist Sammies
(Ham, Turkey, Tuna, and PB & Jelly Sandwiches)

Fairy Wings

Gnome Garden Salad

Pixie Potato Salad

Mystical Macaroni Salad

Fawn's Fruit Wands (Grape Kabobs)

Rosetta Ranch & Veggies

For the Drinks I served water bottles and Lemonade in the Flower Cups I made. 

Iridessa Icey Lemonade

I got the recipe for the Lemonade punch on Pinterest.

Click here to see how I made the punch!

The cupcakes were my favorite part of the candy buffet table. I wanted the cupcake to resemble Tinkerbell slippers and I found these cute Pom Pom picks that went perfect.

The printables are from Splashbox Printables and the printables went perfectly with the color scheme.
 Click here to check out there Etsy page!

The Candy Buffet

Garden Worms (Gummy Worms)
Fairy Berries (Chocolate covered Strawberries)
Pixie Pops (Chocolate dipped Pretzels)
Dew Gumdrops (Gumballs)

The red chocolate covered marshmallows were suppose to be "Toadstools" but I completely ran out of time and didn't place the white circles on it. :( I was a little sad but my family said they looked fine. 

Birthday Cake

It wouldn't be a Pixie party without Pixie sticks, right?
For the favors everyone went home with Pixie sticks. 

God is good! Everything was going left field but with a little prayer asking for peace and stillness the wind finally stopped blowing and we played fun games, had popslices, and a really good time :o)

I will share family pictures at a later time :o)


  1. Absolutely Darling!!!! You did a FANTASTIC job with the decorations!!!