Monday, April 29, 2013

Mother's Day Brunch Inspired Party Ideas

Today is April 29 that means it's only 13 more days until Mother's Day!!! 

Yayyy Mother's Day is very special day for my family because we have more women in our small family. We only have 6 men in my immediate family, Uncle James, Ray, Russel, and Jermone, my StepDad and my Hubby DJ since there are more women it always look like a football team of us. The last 2 Mother's day haven't been the best for us because we were all separated. Some of us were here in Cali and the rest of us in Louisiana. This year we were all going to be here together so for 2 months I've been planning a huge Mother's day brunch. So in the process of working on 3 parties my family wanted me to take on a Mother's day brunch party. Of course I agreed. What was I thinking I'm already working on 2 parties then I take on another one!!! Well with only 2 weeks left I totally ran out of time and only got a third of my shopping list done. Thank God my family is understanding and don't mind waiting until next year. I wanted to share a couple of my ideas and plans with ya'll.

{Here is a little collage of my ideas and written out plans. As you can tell I'm not an artist at all just look at the bird cage with the floral vase inside haha}

Gold glitter dipped feathers, White Ruffle table skirt and the color scheme, Coral and Aqua

Theme/Concept: Where from the South and we have a ton of sayings and one of them that we use a lot is "Birds of a Feather flock together". Us Thomas girls are always together and a scripture that I like is Psalms 91:4 He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will find refuge. So for the theme I wanted "Like birds of a Feather, We belong Together"

Color Scheme: I chose the colors Coral and Aqua as my color scheme with a little Gold.

Setting: I wanted to create a Shabby Chic feel with a little touch of Glam. 

Decorations: I want to use a lot of white then have the coral and aqua being used in an Ombre effect as pops of color against the white. I want to create decoration elements using Fabric garland, Floral arrangements, Dollies, Mason jars, Ruffles, Burlap, Bird cages, and  some family Heirlooms. I want to create the element of birds by using white feathers, but not just any white feathers I want to dip them in Gold glitter for a glam feel. 

Menu Ideas: I decided on a brunch theme because breakfast is our favorite meal of the day. Were always eating Chicken and Waffles and we always eat breakfast for dinner. So I thought about having Waffles, some breakfast casseroles, muffins, and of course grits. We can not have breakfast and no grits lol!

Desserts: I chose family desserts that we love like Banana pudding, Coconut cupcakes, French Macarons and Madeleine cookies.

Drinks: I first thought Orange juice since it is a brunch but then I thought I wanted the color scheme to play out in the drink s as well so I chose Sandra Lee's Peach Bellini (of course the virgin ones Lol)

Activities: We love to dance, take pictures, watch movies, and scrapbook, so these would be some perfect activities to do.

If anyone is having a gathering for Mother's Day I hope some of these ideas are helpful and I can't wait until Mother's day next year because I got an early start :o)

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