Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Resurrection Sunday 2013


I know I'm late with my post and Easter has come and gone, but I have a ton of post just chilling in my draft box that I need to get out Lol. Easter caught me by surprise. I was too busy getting everything ready for my Tinkerbell party that Easter creeped up on me. Next year I will definitely be more prepared because that day is very special to me and my family. The only decorating I got to do was my outside window :( Sad I know. I told Hubby next year I'm decorating the whole house. And at midnight I managed to dye some eggs. I actually like how they came out. The plan was for all of us to walk to the park and after it been sunny the whole entire week on Easter it decides to be gloomy and cloudy, so we stay home and hide the eggs. Then ate at Grams house and took turns playing Just Dance.

My midnight eggs

RJ found the surprise egg! We always hide one 
egg with a dollar inside for the kids.

Angel baby eating a Peep!

Egg Hunt!

Sissy and Warrior

We usually have a big dinner on Easter but this year nobody felt like cooking so I cooked El Dorado Casserole and Mom made dessert.

It was so yummy!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter :o)

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