Friday, March 1, 2013

February we did Great but Sick of Chicken!!!

February we ate GREAT! 

We only ate Fruits, Veggies, Chicken Breast, and tons of Salad. I'm so happy we did good in February. We had no junk food (beside's eating Wendy's and some Lay's Chicken & Waffle chips Lol) we didn't drink juice or soda, no sausage or pork, and no sweets. I'm  just so happy we made it a whole 28 days. We made so many changes last month.

  • Adding Salads to every meal
  • Drinking Lemon water and cucumber water everyday! 
  • Add 20-30% more Vegetables to our diet
  • No more late night eating or snack! After me and Teddy ate dinner we didn't eat the rest of the night! I dont know how we did it but we did great!
  • And Started eating breakfast. We eat Egg whites, Turkey bacon, or Oatmeal

Here are some of our Meals in February:

Chicken breast with mushroom sauce, Brown rice, carrots, and salad

 baked chicken with black beans and corn

BBQ baked chicken with mashed potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower 

Fish with brown rice and broccoli and cheese sauce

Chicken breast with brown rice, carrots, and broccoli

More yummy salad

Shake and Bake chicken with sweet potato fries and salad

Buffalo shake and bake chicken with broccoli and cheese with salad

More salad!!!

Salad with Lemon water

Cooking chicken breast everyday was hard to come up with different ways to cook it. I tired bbq sauce, shake and bake, and mushroom sauce, Chicken gravy, and tons of other things. After eating so strict in February, March I'm going to add more vertity of choices for us because I don't know if I can keep eating chicken breast for another month because I'm sick of eating chicken! Lol

Happy March :-)

Love & Blessings,

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