Saturday, February 9, 2013

{Weight Loss} No Longer in The Newlywed Rut!!!

I know a lot of you are like what the heck is a Newlywed Rut!!! Well you all know a rut is when you get stuck into something that never changes. Well before I got married I never thought about getting married so when I met DJ he literally swept me off my feet. My Teddy really winded me and dined me. He was so sweet and always made sure I was happy. Every week he took me out to eat 2 or 3 times a week, brought me Roses and my favorite candies (Almond Joy and Whatchamacallit) and just was always there to give me love and support. He's such a Romantic :-D I got stuck in a rut and I had got so use to always going out to eat I stopped watching what I eat and stopped watching my weight. I just ate and ate and anyone who knows me knows I definitely watch what I eat. Before I met my hubby I always weighted between 120 and 135 pounds I rarely went over 140 pounds so when I got married I was so shocked I had gained sooooooooooooo much weight. I went from weighting 140 pounds in 2010 to 198 pounds in 2011. I could not believe I was 2 pounds away from 200 pounds. I was devastated and was on an emotional roller coaster. I could not believe I let myself go. I got married and got so comfortable. I guess you can say I was so happy I let myself go if that makes any sense to you. I was so happy I married my Best friend and when he or I was not at work we were out on dates stuffing our faces and having a good time. They say Love is Blind I believe I was so blinded by Love I didn't care what I put in my mouth! LoL

The 1st picture is from 2009, the second picture is 2010, and the last one is 2011.
As you can see my weight never really changed and when I felt I was getting a little fluffy I quickly changed my eating and worked out to my Billy Blanks Tae bo dvd.

I cringe every time I see this picture. This is me last year in Las Vegas. I never, ever wear shorts but it was so hot and my family insisted I wear my shorts and I went against every feeling I had and wore the shorts then I seen this picture :( 
My stomach was huge and I had a pouch then I had a camel toe the worst thing you could have!!!! I knew I had to lose this weight, but at the time I took this picture I was a happy newlywed. I had only been married 5 months and was just loving life then KAPOWW I saw this picture!

I have no idea how much I weight now because the last time I weighted myself was September 2012. I weighted 187 pounds. I do not weigh myself because I don't want to focus on the number it's self I just want to make sure I'm happy, healthy, and Not in The Newlywed Rut! Lol

I'm so happy I now again watch what I'm eat and I am getting #1 out of this newlywed rut and #2 I'm getting my Sexy back!

Love & Blessings,
Keisha Evans

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