Saturday, February 23, 2013

Taxes, Park, and Chicken & Waffles

Last Thursday was Valentine's Day, but for me and Hubby it's just another day. We always do little special things for each other almost everyday and all year long so when Valentine's day come around we don't really do the whole gift and going out things. It's the things that money can't buy that are special to me :0) So I woke up and made him Breakfast. I always make him breakfast but this time I  had a box of chocolates saying, "My #1 Draft Pick" waiting for him and I put on my Minnesota Vikings shirt (DJ's Favorite team). His face lit up when I came around the corner. He will always be my #1 Pick!

Egg whites, Turkey bacon, Pepper jack cheese on flat bread 
with Orange slices and a cup of green tea
As you can see from the Breakfast I made Teddy we are still eating Clean and Healthy! We did so good the month of February. We only are Fruit, Vegetables, and Chicken! 

After Breakfast it was Tax time. I was dreading doing our taxes because DJ and I barley worked and were getting back on our feet last year so I knew we weren't getting much back. We normally get a little over $1000 back but this year we got only $270 buckets!!! Yes! You heard me right we only got back like $200. Even though it's not what were use to we still are blessed and grateful for what we did get. We were just happy and grateful to get something :-)

Next was the park! The day was beyond beautiful. It was bright and Sunny. The plan was to go to the grocery store to buy some more chicken breast because we were running low but we just had to stop at the park and enjoy some quality alone time.

While at the market we saw the the Lay's Chicken & Waffles Chips! We haven't eaten chips for almost 2 months but caved and brought them because we want to be in on the judging all 3 flavors :-)

All in all Valentine's day was an Amazing day :-) 

Love & Blessings,

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