Monday, February 4, 2013

Superbowl Weekend Recap

We had a really busy weekend. Busy but Fun :-D Sunday however was especially fun because it was our lazy day!

Friday... ran errands and had Tasty Goody Chinese food, Saturday... Shopping, Mexican Food, and some crafting, and Sunday... Church then the Superbowl Baby!!!! As you can see I actually didn't cook the whole entire weekend which was a first for me.

Row rows please!!
Saturday we wanted to get out the house. DJ and I are huge homebodies and would normally spend the whole weekend indoors but Saturday morning we woke up pretty early to our surprise lol and wanted to do something. And I was craving a Churro. So me, Dj, Princess, and my Sissy, Niqua all went to our local indoor swap meet. We had yummy Mexican food, I got 2 pair of shoes and Princess got a toy. And later that night I made a Hobby Lobby stop for some tulle so I could start making my tutu table skirt for my next party. So pretty much I spent my Saturday night crafting until 3:30 am

I Love these 2 to pieces <3

Princess said she wanted a "row row" (she can't say Churro so she calls it a row row or roll) with sugar on it and sticky stuff inside. Lol She's so funny! The sticky stuff inside is called caramel :0)

Getting my Sexy Back!!!!
Here are the heels I got Saturday. I use to own 12 pair of heels and when I moved out of state in 2010 and I gave some away to my bestie and the rest to the Goodwell so it feels soooo good to finally have heels again. I'm trying to get my sexy back!!! I was stuck in the newlywed rut. 

Here is the crafting I did over the weekend. I made some tissue pom-poms for my grams and I started making the tutu table skirt.

Superbowl Sunday
Sunday started like any other Sunday we went to church and after church we just went home put on comfy clothes and literally sat around the house the rest of the day. We had planned to make this huge Snackadium to munch on during the Superbowl that Mom found on Mrs Happy Homemaker Blog and I was suppose to make Football brownies and Let's just say neither one happened! Hahaha 
Me and Mom not cooking... I told you it was a lazy Sunday. After church we stopped by McDonald's and called it a day!

As you can tell me and DJ totally ditched our clean eating this weekend. We had greasy Mexican food, even more greaser Chinese food, and McDonald's. February is going to be a way better month were going to get back to our fruit and veggies and avoiding fast food. 

Beyonce killed it and I absolutely loved the Destiny's Child reunion. Seeing these 3 together brought back so many memories. My sisters and I use to put on shows and pretend like we were destiny's child. It was cute Princess was copying all Beyonce dances moves!

Every year I never actually watch the Superbowl I just check out who's singing the National Anthem and then watch the halftime performance but this year I actually watched the game. I've never been into sports I've always been a super girly girl but ever since I got married (My Teddy's a huge Sports Fan) I've been watching games with my hubby. So this year to my surprise I was shouting and screaming at the TV. I'm happy that now at the age of 26 I discovered football and I can now appreciate it more.

Even though all my family was going for the 49ers I still want to say Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens!!!!

After the Superbowl we wined down and got ready to watch movies and go to bed because 4am comes early for us!

I hope you all had an amazingly lazy Superbowl as well :-D

Love & Blessings,
Keisha Evans

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