Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy EXTRA love Day!!!

It so sad to hear single people say they "hate" Valentine's day. First off hate is a strong word and secondly, just because your not in a relationship that doesn't mean you can't celebrate it. For many years (my whole life lol) my Mom has always been my Valentine. I can remember being 22 years old and my Mom got me for Valentine's day a stuff animal, candies, and an Earring holder. She's so sweet :0)
I didn't have a REAL valentine until I fell in love with my Hubby 2 years ago. So just because it's Valentine's day and your single that doesn't mean you dont have anyone to share it with. We all have amazing Family and Friends who we can shower with some EXTRA love today! Everyday should be Valentine's day (I know it is for me) by showing Love to friends and family so today just add some EXTRA to that love <3

Happy Valentine's Day from The Evans

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