Wednesday, February 20, 2013

{DIY} Flower Cups

As you can see from my lack of blogging I've been a busy bee! I've been busy crafting and working on my Tinkerbell party every night for the past 5 weeks. I still have lots to do but I've also have gotten a lot accomplished.


Okay! So on to the post. Here are the DIY Flower cups I created. I think they came out pretty cute for my first test run. The real judge was the Birthday girl I showed them to her and she loved them. For the party I wanted to use mason jars and cover them with cupcake liners but then I thought were going to be outside at a park with glass and a bunch of kid's running around. So that idea went out the window! Even though the idea went out the window I still wanted to keep the concept of using a cupcake liner. The party theme is Tinkerbell Pixie Hollow so I want to create a garden atmosphere. I wanted to make the cup look like a blooming flower in a garden. What do you think did I capture a blooming flower?

They were really easy and super cheap to make. I only spend .97 cent on the lime green cups and the flower cupcake liners only cost $2.97. Here is the finished cup. I think my Pixie Hollow Garden is off to a great start. :o)

Love & Blessings,

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